Mysterious open database included ‘BreedReady’ status for 1.8 Million Women

Pierluigi Paganini March 12, 2019

Expert found an open database in China containing the personal information of more than 1.8 million women, including a strange “BreedReady” status.

Another data leak made the headlines, this time a database containing a creepy set of details collected on more than 1.8 million women in China was left unprotected online.

The huge trove of data included personal info (i.e. name, age, and date of birth, phone numbers, addresses) along with a “BreedReady” status.

The latter field is disconcerting, the field ‘BreedReady’ could indicate if a woman has children.

The database also contained GPS coordinates, URLs to photos, ID numbers, marital status, political and education related details, and a ‘HasVideo’ field.

The exposed database was discovered by the popular security researcher Victor Gevers, he found 29808 open in China.

Gevers discovered the database on Friday, he explained that a shortage of women in China led an organization into building a database containing details on millions of women.

Most of the women in the exposed archive are single (89%) and live in Beijing, the youngest one in the database is 15 years old.

The researcher noticed that the youngest woman having the status ‘BreedReady=1’ is 18 years old and the oldest is 39. This could indicate that there is no woman older 39 with a BreedReady value of 1.

Gevers also pointed out that the ‘HasVideo’ field could indicate that the women are being watched or monitored.

At the time of writing the ownership of the exposed DB is not known, after the disclosed his discovery via Tweet the database is no longer exposed online. Experts believe the archive could belong to an online dating service.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – MongoDB open database, data leak)

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