Crouching Yeti

Pierluigi Paganini October 11, 2016
StrongPity APT – Waterhole attacks against Italian and Belgian users

Kaspersky published a report on cyber espionage activities conducted by StrongPity APT that most targeted Italians and Belgians with watering holes attacks. Experts from Kaspersky Lab have published a detailed report on the cyber espionage activities conducted by the StrongPity APT. The group is very sophisticated, its operations leverage on watering holes attacks and malware to target users […]

Pierluigi Paganini August 02, 2014
Kaspersky report on Energetic Bear – Crouching Yeti APT campaign

The Kaspersky Lab Team has issued a report which includes details of the investigation related to the Energetic Bear – Crouching Yeti APT campaign. Energetic Bear, aka Crouching Yeti, is the recently discovered APT campaign that targeted energy companies, manufacturers, industrial, pharmaceutical, construction, and many IT companies. Security experts have analyzed the Energetic Bear APT campaign, which appears […]