The Extortion is a common practice in the cyber criminal ecosystem

According principal security firms, extortion, ransom and blackmail are pillars of illicit activities, cyber criminals are adapting them to the…

10 years ago

Zeus, Cryptolocker and more, malware evolution according TrendMicro

A rapid look to last trends in malware development observed by security experts at TrendMicro, old threat including new improvements.…

10 years ago

Cybercriminal threatens to sell 3.7M Customers data Israeli Banks

A group of hackers has threatened Israeli banks to disclose stolen data belonging 3.7 million customers unless the organizations pay…

10 years ago

Cryptolocker Ransomware – 10M UK Users targeted.Basic countermeasures

Cryptolocker is considered one of most insidious threat for Internet users, a recent spam campaign targeted 10M UK Users, let's…

10 years ago

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