Can Cloud Computing Manage Serious Cyber Threats?

Pierluigi Paganini November 07, 2011

Can Cloud Computing Manage Serious Cyber Threats? U.S. Cyber Chief Says yes, personally I have several doubts regarding this opportunity. I draw inspiration in the article that I read and I quote to introduce the topic, dwelling on the words of Alexander that appeared, in my humble opinion, empty of a technical foundation.

In fact, the paradigm can be adopted to implement complex architectures that can be used to combat threats posed by cyber crime. Do not forget, however, that the same infrastructure represent a great opportunity for criminals that using the cloud can conduct extremely powerful attacks against targets of various kinds.
A corrupted cloud is an important threats because using it an attacker can have  great offensive power and because they are the backbone of production systems used to deliver complex services and, therefore, not simply manageable in case of attack.
As in any situation, the introduction of a new technology represents a compromise between the benefits and the real cost for its implementation.
I conclude that today do not exist IT security mature models  to protect cloud infrastructures, for this reason it is really difficult to estimate the real costs to maintain a safe and integrated cloud.
Certainly the U.S. government does not have my own opinion, sincerely I do no why.

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