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Pierluigi Paganini December 19, 2021

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TellYouThePass ransomware resurges and exploits Log4Shell in recent attacks
Western Digital customers have to update their My Cloud devices to latest firmware version
Apache releases the third patch to address a new Log4j flaw
1.8 Million customers of four sports gear sites impacted by credit cards breach
Conti ransomware gang exploits Log4Shell bug in its operations
VMware fixes critical SSRF flaw in Workspace ONE UEM Console
Phorpiex botnet is back, in 2021 it $500K worth of crypto assets
PseudoManuscrypt, a mysterious massive cyber espionage campaign
Flaws in Lenovo laptops allow escalating to admin privileges
While attackers begin exploiting a second Log4j flaw, a third one emerges
Multiple Nation-State actors are exploiting Log4Shell flaw
Owowa, a malicious IIS Server module used to steal Microsoft Exchange credentials
FBI’s investigation accidentally revealed the HelloKitty ransomware gang operates out of Ukraine
Microsoft December 2021 Patch Tuesday fixes an actively exploited zero-day
Iran-linked Seedworm APT targets Telecoms organizations across the Middle East and Asia
DHS announces its ‘Hack DHS’ bug bounty program
Adobe addresses over 60 vulnerabilities in multiple products
Hackers exploit Log4Shell to drop Khonsari Ransomware on Windows systems
US CISA orders federal agencies to fix Log4Shell by December 24th
Google fixed the 17th zero-day in Chrome since the start of the year
TinyNuke banking malware targets French organizations

Practical coexistence attacks on billions of WiFi chips allow data theft and traffic manipulation
CISA adds Log4Shell Log4j flaw to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
Log4Shell was in the wild at least nine days before public disclosure
Two Linux botnets already exploit Log4Shell flaw in Log4j
Quebec shuts down thousands of sites as disclosure of the Log4Shell flaw
Russian national sentenced to 48 months in prison for helping Kelihos Botnet to evade detection
A phishing campaign targets clients of German banks using QR codes

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Pierluigi Paganini

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