New iOS 7 flaw allows attacker to hijack Apple ID through spoofing fingerprints

Pierluigi Paganini October 07, 2013

German firm SRL has found another serious security issue in iOS 7 that allows an attacker to access the iPhone and potentially gain control over owner Apple ID

New security issues for iOS 7, a new vulnerability in TouchID Fingerprint Scanner and iCloud has been found by a German security firm SRL. The flaw allows an attacker with a physical access to the locked handset to access to iPhone and potentially gain control over owner’s Apple ID when combined with Touch ID’s vulnerability to fingerprint spoofing.

The experts at SRL  discovered that it is possible to activate Airplane mode from the lockscreen, once enabled the mode the handset turns off wireless connectivity making impossible remote control of the handset with the Find My iPhone app (e.g. wipe facility). The lack of protection for Airplane mode could be considered a serious security issue, it makes impossible for the owner to block or wipe the device in case of theft or loss.
Once disabled Internet Connectivity on a stolen device the thief could bypass fingerprint protection accessing to the device as demonstrated in the past weeks. To mitigate the security flaw it is suggested to protect also the Airplane Mode with lockscreen feature.
New iOS 7 vulnerability

The SRL team warned also on another concerning circumstance, is the iPhone owner keeps a password reset email account active on a mobile device it is exposed to the risk that the attacker could obtain full control over his AppleId.

Really bad time in terms of security for the new Apple iOS 7.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Apple, iOS 7)


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