KDMS Team hacked also ESET and BitDefender. Th3 J35t3r has found them

Pierluigi Paganini October 13, 2013

A pro-Palestinian group of hacktivists known as KDMS Team hacked also the two popular antivirus vendors Bitdefender and ESET. Th3 hacker Th3 J35t3r has discovered the identities of its members.

A pro-Palestinian group of hacktivists known as KDMS Team has hit again, this time the victims of the successful attacks were the two popular antivirus vendors Bitdefender and ESET.


The group known as KDMS Team conquered the chronicles for a series of egregious attacks against the Metasploit website, belonging to the Rapid7 security firm, to the websites  of the largest Web Hosting Network Leaseweb and the antivirus vendors AVG, Avira.

The group succeeded also in the attacks against the website of the mobile messaging service WhatsApp‘s websites, but the long series of hack against security actors remind us that nothing and nobody is totally secure.

 KDMS Team targets

The KDMS Team physolophy shares many motivations that animated the operations of the most popular group Anonymous.

The group hasn’t  hacked directly the victim’s websites but their DNS records, the result is that visitors were hijacked on a website playing the Palestinian national anthem and displaying a political message.
The domains of the companies Eset, BitDefender and Metasploit are registered with Register.com, the hackers of KDMS Team surely hacked the Metasploit website via a spoofed DNS change request sent via fax to the registrar, no technical details are available for the attacks against the other two security firms.
The page visible to the visitors displayed the message “You Got Pwned“, followed by below statements;

Hello bitdefender
Touched By KDMS team
We was thinking about quitting hacking and disappear again ..!
But we said : there is some sites must be hacked
You are one of our targets Therefore we are here ..
And there is another thing .. do you know Palestine ?
There is a land called Palestine on the earth This land has been stolen by Zionist Do you know it ?
Palestinian people has the right to live in peace Deserve to liberate their land and release all prisoners from israeli jails We want peace Long Live Palestin

The choice of the targets is strategic, offending leaders of the security market  the KDMS Team reached in a short time a great visibility that allowed it to pass their political message to a wide audience.

Who are the members of KDMS Team?

The notorious hacker known with pseudonymous of Th3 J35t3r has started the hunt to the member of the group, he noted that KDMS represents the initials of the names and users of the team’s components: Kolmtk, Dod, M4st3r, and S4w.

Th3 J35t3r discovered that the KDMS Team’s Twitter account, @KDMSTeam, had initially followed by only 16 Twitter accounts. He believes some of these accounts, which haven’t tweeted for hundreds of days and some of them even for years, belong to the group’s members.

“Because of KDMS Team ’s relatively new presence on Twitter, it is highly suspicious that it knows about, and follows, accounts that have not been active or tweeted for 6 months to over 3 years,” stated The Jester.

After a OSINT analysis of email addresses and Facebook accounts, the hacker discovered that the following individuals are likely members of the KDMS Team: Firas Abu Azab, Omar Ashraf, Wassem Ashraf and Mohanad Abudalfa.

Just after the Jester’s revelation the Facebook account of Palestinian Firas Abu Azab has been removed, more details are available on the post published on pastebin.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  KDMS Team, Hacktivism)

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