Why do people commit monetary crimes using the web and why is it so fruitful?

Pierluigi Paganini March 31, 2015

Find out more about online crime and understand why it can be so fruitful, unlike other forms of crime, in order to thoroughly protect your financial transactions and banking details.

Unfortunately, nowadays due to the fact that we are used to going on vacation and hold a lot of money in our pockets, it is really possible to become burglar victims. It is definitely a habit that we cannot stop doing it, as long as we live and go on vacation. Even if you do not have cash in your pockets, it is sure that you have credit cards or debit cards that you may see as a plastic object; for some others like burglars, though, they are life saving.

The same risk appears to happen on the web. It is absolutely sure that you must not trust anyone with your own money and you certainly must not trust a person that you do not know such as online shop owners who are able to sell you anything in order to make a purchase.

A recent research performed in the UK for National Statistics has proved that the recorded crime is decreasing.

This is certainly something that the government uses to their benefit, in order to justify its savage cuts when it comes to police budgets. All the above must convince us to make smarter moves when it comes to money and to always try to be updated and to better use the technology and of course the computers.

Always have in your mind that if we manage to take some measurements to reduce crime, there will be no need of so many police officers and this means that we will be able to feel better and live freely. If you are smart enough, you will realize that the statement of national statistics company in the UK, thus that the crime is reduced, is not a lie but it is not also true as the crime from the real world might be reduced but the increasing of cybercrime is something that we should take into serious consideration.

cyber crime
The increasing incidents in cyber crimes is not a random phenomenon; it is a fact and it is increased due to the fact that it is safer for the criminals to “work” in this way as they cannot be caught easily and they do not put in danger their lives. Do not forget that the rewards that a cyber criminal can achieve are greater than in the real world and in this kind of crime they know exactly where to look for easy money. Unfortunately, it is true that when it comes to cyber crime there is no enforcement law that can deal with it.

Studies say that one out of four people on the web has become online victim at least once in a lifetime; when we refer to victims, we mean identity theft, phishing scams, virus attacks and many other kinds of crime. Another amazing thing is the fact that very few of them report these crimes to the nearest police station and so only few of the criminals have been busted over the years.

There are many reasons why people do not ask the police’s help and the basic one is that they think that the police officers have no idea of the Internet, they have lack on technological knowledge and they also think that they will never give the importance that is needed in these kinds of crimes.
From all the above and from an advanced search on the web, you will realize that there are ways to stop being a victim when it comes to cyber crime and one of the most important ones is certainly the security system that you use on your computer.

Choose the most appropriate one and if you do not have a clue about it just speak with a professional and he will tell you his opinion on this matter. Another thing that should become a main rule for you is the fact that you must not trust any web page on the web even if a friend has suggested to you. Trust only the ones that you have used in the past or install programs in your computer that are able to recognize the risky web sites and you will see that you will avoid become a victim!

Written by: Ali Qamar, Founder/Chief Editor at SecurityGladiators.com

Author Bio:
Ali Qamar is an Internet security research enthusiast who enjoys “deep” research to dig out modern discoveries in the security industry. He is the founder and chief editor at Security Gladiators, an ultimate source for cyber security. To be frank and honest, Ali started working online as a freelancer and still shares the knowledge for a living. He is passionate about sharing the knowledge with people, and always try to give only the best. Follow Ali on Twitter @AliQammar57

Pierluigi Paganini

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