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Pierluigi Paganini August 05, 2016

Gh0s7 is a hacker that has participated in several hacking campaigns which is known for its efforts against the ISIS propaganda online.

Enjoy the interview!


Did you participate in several hacking campaigns? could you tell me more about you?

I was the founder of Ghost Squad Hackers , when i started my hacktivism and (if it is hard to believe I’ll show u some proof) this was ghost squads first ever appearance on media and as u can see in the screenshots there is my name “Scorpion Ghost”. and after our major success in that i defaced Michigan and Georgia state universitys for operation trump. both states i hacked, trump won.

and after that, my great success was for #opicarus I took down Ethiopian national bank down for 19 hours.

Gh0s7 bank attack

And after i got out of ghost squad, after some argument, i joined Shadowsec and their first publicized attack was the Ejbca data breach.

Could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking? Which are your motivations?

When i started hacking my background was just basic programming, after that I realized that more was needed so, i studied networking and security.

My motives, well that’s a bit complicated since my basic objective is to fight against government corruption, denial of privacy and police brutality. some may take it as political but it’s Activism. in my case Hacktivism.

What was your greatest hacking challenge? 

My greatest hacking challenge, it’s the government, they don’t care you are doing good or bad, as long as your a hacktivist, it’s hard.

Which was your latest hack? Can you describe me it?

Many latest hack is the EJBCA Data Breach, my main targets are the Government and private corporations which try to enslave us also pedophiles and ISIS are on my kill list.

What are the 4 tools that cannot be missed in the hacker’s arsenal and why?

Every hacker has his own tool, but what we all have in common is our brain. for me that is my greatest tool.

Which are the most interesting hacking communities on the web today, why?

Most communities you find on-line might be interesting but if you want to learn it the hard way the dark web is the place for you(and remember to take precautions before getting there and afterwards).

Did you participate in hacking attacks against the IS propaganda online? When? How?

Yes, participate in hacking attacks against IS, in my former group we use to take down ISIS twitter and facebook accounts and after that I personally took a few down and ddosed some websites.

Where do you find IS people to hack? How do you choose your targets?

Well, they are smart like us, the one’s we found on twitter and facebook are just way for them to get their propaganda to the mass. But they do most of their operations on theDarknett and using apps.

We often hear about cyber weapons and cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. Do you believe it is real the risk of a major and lethal cyber attack against a critical infrastructure?

Well, yes these days the biggest sales in the black market are not weapons or other things, it’s DATA. and when a major or critical infrastructure is hit with this kind of attack, there will be a lot of unexpected consequences, like the latest hack on the bitcoin market that made the value of bitcoin go downward by 20%, these are some big security issues that we all have to worry about

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Gh0s7, Hacking)

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