New Bezop Cryptocurrency (BEZ) leaks Personal details for 25k users

Pierluigi Paganini April 30, 2018

Security experts at Kromtech discovered a MongoDB exposed personal details of 25,000 users tied to the Bezop cryptocurrency.

Security researchers at cybersecurity firm Kromtech have discovered a MongoDB database containing the personal details of over 25,000 Bezop (BEZ) cryptocurrency users.

John Mcafee, who is Bezop advisor, described Bezop as “a distributed version of,” but it also implements cryptocurrency based on Ethereum,

The database contained personal details information such as full names, home addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords, wallet information, and scanned passports, driver’s licenses, or IDs.

Further analysis revealed that the database contained information relative a “bounty programme” launched by the Bezop development team launched early 2018.

One of the tables in the MongoDB database left exposed online was named “Bounty”, so the archive contained the information for the people who invested and participated in this part of the program.

Bezop team gave Tokens in exchange for promoting Bezop via online social media sites and forums or by writing blog posts about the cryptocurrency.

“On Mar 30, researchers at Kromtech Security identified a database open to the public containing full names, addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords, wallet information, along with links to scanned passports, driver’s licenses, and other IDs for over 25,000 investors of the newly created Bezop.” reads the blog post published by Kromtech.

“Around the time of their ICO, which finished January 10, 2018.  Bezop launched their first bounty program, in which people would earn Bezop Tokens in exchange for promoting Bezop via online social media sites like Facebook, posting to forums while using an approved Bezop signature on sites such as bitcointalk, moderation of forums, or by writing articles about Bezop.”

Bezop team confirmed the data leak and explained that the data were exposed while the dev team faced a DDoS attack on January 8.

Bezop sent out a notice back on Jan. 8 during the ICO (initial coin offering), reporting both a DDoS attack and security holes exposing that data,” Deryck Jones, who is listed as’s CTO online, told Threatpost. “The Bezop notice went to all investors including me. It was an unfortunate incident and very disappointing.”

According to a Bezop spokesperson, the database contained details on around 6,500 ICO investors, while the remaining records were related to users who participated in the public bounty program.

The MongoDB was left exposed online without authentication until March 30, when Kromtech found it.

Bezop Cryptocurrency data leak

The MongoDB was promptly taken offline after Kromtech reported the discovery to the Bezop team.
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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Bezop Cryptocurrency, data leak)

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