Pierluigi Paganini December 21, 2016
Victims of the CryptXXX v.3 can now use a free tool to decrypt their files

Security researchers have released a decryption tool for unlocking files encrypted by the notorious CryptXXX v.3 ransomware. CryptXXX v.3 ransomware was defeated, researchers have released a decryption tool for unlocking encrypted files. The decryption tool was included in the RannohDecryptor utility, a free application shared by the No Ransom Project. The utility was already able to unlock […]

Pierluigi Paganini August 02, 2016
Afraidgate campaign switches from CryptXXX to Locky Ransomware

Operators behind the Afraidgate campaign continue to leverage on Neutrino EK, but switches from CryptXXX to Locky Ransomware. According to the experts from Palo Alto Networks, one of the most long-lived hacking campaigns leveraging on the Neutrino EK switches from CryptXXX to the Locky Ransomware. The campaign dubbed Afraidgate due to the name of the gate domains (using name servers from […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 28, 2016
Crooks made $50,000 in a few weeks with CryptXXX Ransomware

Security experts from the firm SentinelOne monitored a recent CryptXXX Ransomware campaign that allowed crooks to make $50,000 in a few weeks. Security experts from security firm SentinelOne have analyzed the activity related to CryptXXX ransomware’s operators. They discovered that the gang made around $49,700 from the payment of ransoms between June 4 and June 21, 2016, the money […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 10, 2016
CRYPTXXX campaigns, threat actors switch to Neutrino EK

Security experts from the SANS observed that new CryptXXX ransomware campaigns are leveraging on the Neutrino Exploit Kit instead the Angler Exploit Kit. Crooks behind the CryptXXX ransomware have launched a new campaign leveraging on the Neutrino Exploit Kit instead the Angler Exploit Kit. It was a significant change in the attack chain that was discovered by the experts […]