Two Sony PS5 exploits disclosed the same day

Pierluigi Paganini November 15, 2021

Threat actors stole PS5 root keys using kernel exploits demonstrating the need to improve the security of the popular gaming console.

Threat actors stole Sony PS5 root keys from the popular gaming console using two exploits for kernel vulnerabilities. The two exploits weren’t disclosed to the company, the hackers published both exploits on Twitter on November 7.

A PS5 exploit could allow hackers to install pirated games and run emulators, for this reason they are considered very precious in the gaming communities.

The FailOverFlow hacker group, known to have published in the past several PlayStation jailbreaks, published a message on Twitter that shows PS5 firmware symmetric root keys,

The group claims to have obtained all the Sony PS5 root keys from software, including per-console root key.

The same day, Google security engineer Andy Nguyen, aka @theflow0, announced to have found another exploit on Twitter. The expert claims to have had access the PlayStation 5 “Debug Settings” using a PS5 kernel exploit, but has no plan to publicly disclose it.

“If we thought last week’s PS4 “something big coming” announce set the scene on fire, this one dropped more like a bomb. Rarely can a single picture ignite such a reaction on the scene: hacker TheFloW has shared a PS5 screenshot showcasing the infamous PlayStation “Debug Settings” menu, strongly indicating the hacker has a PS5 Kernel Exploit.” reported the Wolo website.

According to Zecoxao, TheFloW used the PS5Share functionality of the console to post his screenshot to Twitter a circumstance that confirms that the exploit is running on the latest and greatest firmware.

The menu that is visible in the tweet is available only on testkit Playstation devices and can be enabled on consoles by patching some flags at specific addresses in the firmware.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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