Access:7 flaws impact +150 device models from over 100 manufacturers

Pierluigi Paganini March 08, 2022

Many IoT and medical devices are affected by seven serious flaws, collectively tracked as Access:7, in widely used Axeda platform.

Researchers from medical device cybersecurity company CyberMDX have discovered seven serious flaws, collectively tracked as Access:7, in the widely used Axeda platform of IIoT solutions provider PTC.

“Access:7 could enable hackers to remotely execute malicious code, access sensitive data or alter configuration on medical and IoT devices running PTC’s Axeda remote code and management agent.”reads the report published by CyberMDX.

The platform allows remote access and management of connected devices to manufacturers through an agent is installed on devices.

Axeda Access:7

The impact of these flaws is widespread, experts determine that the issues impact more than 150 device models from over 100 manufacturers. Most of the impacted vendors are in the healthcare sector (55%), followed by IoT (24%), IT (8%), financial services (5%), and manufacturing (4%).

Three of the ‘Access:7’ vulnerabilities are critical remote code execution issues, an attacker can exploit these flaws to take over a device, gain initial access to a network, and exfiltrate sensitive data.

Some of the vulnerabilities could be exploited to trigger a DoS condition and disrupt the operations of affected devices.

Below is the complete list of the Access:7 vulnerabilities shared CISA:

PTC has released security patches for Axeda despite it has reached the end of life, it also released mitigations and workarounds for the vulnerabilities.

The good news is that PTC is not aware of the exploitation of these vulnerabilities in attacks in the wild.

“PTC has no indication nor has been made aware that any of these vulnerabilities has been or is being exploited,” reads the PTC’s advisory.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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