HP would take up to 90 days to fix a critical bug in some business-grade printers

Pierluigi Paganini April 05, 2023

HP would take up to 90 days to address a critical flaw, tracked as CVE-2023-1707, that resides in the firmware of some business-grade printers.

HP is aware of a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-1707 (CVSS v3.1 score 9.1), that affects tens of HP Enterprise LaserJet and HP LaserJet Managed Printers models. The exploitation of the flaw can potentially lead to information disclosure and the IT giant announced that it would take up to 90 days to address the vulnerability. An attack can trigger the bug to access data transmitted between the vulnerable HP printer and other systems on the same network segment.

The company pointed out that the information disclosure can be achieved only by exploiting the flaw on vulnerable devices running FutureSmart firmware version 5.6 and having IPsec enabled.

“Certain HP Enterprise LaserJet and HP LaserJet Managed Printers are potentially vulnerable to information disclosure when IPsec is enabled with FutureSmart version 5.6.” reads the bulletin published by the company.

The vendor has released temporary firmware mitigation for customers currently running FutureSmart 5.6 with IPsec enabled on their printers. The company recommends customers immediately revert to a prior firmware version (FutureSmart version

HP told BleepingComputer that it is not aware of any active exploits, the company pointed out that the exposure period to this potential vulnerability was limited to mid-February 2023 until the end of March 2023)

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