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Pierluigi Paganini April 05, 2015

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Uber logins available for sale in the Deep Web
Thousands of WordPress sites hacked by exploiting a flaw in RevSlider plugin
British Airways Executive Club members accounts compromised
Sheep Marketplace Owner Arrested While Trying to Buy Luxury Home
Frayed British Airways plays down MEGA HACK ATTACK on frequent flyer accounts
Jailed Brit con phishes prison, gets bail
Why some mobile apps track you once every 3 minutes?
Starry-eyed hackers stuff Eurovisions voting app
eBay Fixes File Upload and Patch Disclosure Bugs
Hacking Ships: Maritime Shipping Industry at Risk
Pre-Snowden NSA grunts wanted to nix phone spying: report
Cisco wipes its memory from susceptible-to-Row Hammer list
Two Federal Agents Charged with Stealing Bitcoins During Silk Road Investigation
IoT Research – Smartbands
G20 World leaders were victims of accidentally privacy breach
South Korea Creates Cyber-security Post to Counter Norths Threat
Anonymous collective threatens Israel with electronic-holocaust
Nationwide Power Cut Paralyzes Turkey
Enterprise Security Pros Embracing Threat Intelligence, But Question Reliability: Survey
Retailers’ heavy handed fraud prevention leads to loss of sales
New Attack Campaign Targets Energy Industry in Middle East
Satellite-Based Monitoring Constitutes a Fourth Amendment Search
Google to Publish Research on Browser Ad Injectors
Massive denial-of-service attack on Github tied to Chinese government
Volatile Cedar, the cyber espionage campaign from Lebanon
Mozilla project spits out threat modelling tool for sysadmins
POODLE vuln dogs Australian consumer modems
Cross-dressing blokes storm NSA HQ: One shot dead, one hurt
Energy companies infected by newly Laziok trojan malware
YouTube Flaw Allowed Removal of Any Video: Researcher
There was a flaw in YouTube that allowed removal of any video
mDNS Can Be Used to Amplify DDoS Attacks: Researcher
Mozilla Adds Opportunistic Encryption for HTTP in Firefox 37
Students Build Open Source Web-Based Threat Modeling Tool
Critical Vulnerabilities Affect JSON Web Token Libraries
POODLE flaw still affects hundred thousand Australian home routers
Fake Pirate Bay website exploited to serve banking Trojan to WordPress users
Easter Social Media Safety: video guides
Google to Revoke Trust in CNNIC Certificates
This tool detects then ATTACKS evil twin access points
mDNS can be abused to amplify the traffic of DDoS attack
Met Police in egg/face blunder as shop-a-crim sites SSL cert expires
Researchers Spot 64-Bit Version of NewPosThings Trojan
Google Drops Trust in Chinese Certificate Authority CNNIC
DoS Vulnerabilities Patched in Cisco Unity Connection
Cyberwar heats up in the Middle East
4th Member of Xbox Underground Group Pleads Guilty to $100 Million Theft
TrueCrypt security audit reveals the absence of backdoor
VMware Fixes Java Information Disclosure Vulnerability
TrueCrypt doesn’t include a backdoor according to a security audit
OnePlus OxygenOS Now Available for Download
Abusing block chain to share illegal data, including pedo material
Dyre Wolf Banking Malware Stole More Than $1 Million
Bugs in Tor exploited to run DoS against black markets
Malware infections on Android devices have been halved in 2014

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