#OpISIS Anonymous published a list of 70 pro ISIS websites

Pierluigi Paganini April 06, 2015

A group of hackers linked to Anonymous published a list of websites alleged supporting propaganda activities of the Islamic State (ISIS).

In the last weeks, hacktivists linked to the Anonymous collective declared war to members of the ISIS and announced a large-scale campaign against the websites used by the terrorists for propaganda.

According to The New York Times hackers are targeting accounts used by ISIS members for propaganda and recruit new sympathizers. A group of hackers using the pseudonyms of TouchMyTweets, The Doctor and IS Hunting are targeting suspected ISIS accounts blacklisting them, the hackers have also launched a call to arms for other hackers to report and interfere with any other accounts used by the IS members.


Now the Anonymous hacktivist group has released a list of websites allegedly supporting the ISIS extremist group. The list includes the websites of hosting providers and companies that offered protection services against cyber attacks. The companies managing the websites are accused to support the ISIS and its activities. The list contains the names of 70 websites and the name of their hosting provider, among them there is also the popular service CloudFlare that provides a content delivery network and distributed domain name server system used to protect customers’ web services.

The list was published by a group named “GhostSec” that operated with other cells to dismantle websites used by the ISIS and expose social media accounts of its members.

The members of GhostSec initially leaked a list of 26,000 Twitter accounts that were allegedly linked to the ISIS.

The list is available at the URL https://ghostbin.com/paste/ce5jz.

Anonymous vs ISIS

All the websites identified by Anonymous and related social media accounts were used by the ISIS members for propaganda, recruitment and communications.

“All websites listed below are frequently used by the Islamic State through Twitter and other social media platforms for transmission of propaganda, religion, recruitment, communications and intelligence gathering purposes. Next to the URL you will find the company hosting content for that website. Verification can be done by visiting http://check-host.net and entering the website URL. It is our sincerest hope that the media use this as a tool to show the world that the Islamic State is everywhere in some shape or form and that companies are unaware of their customers content or they turn a blind eye for easy profit and choose to accept bloodmoney. CloudFlare is by far the largest offender on this list and they have been made aware of the specified content they are protecting but chose to block us from contacting them rather than addressing the issue. Together we can stop this from spreading and hold these companies accountable for their less than ethical business practices.”

Stay tuned for further information …

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  ISIS,  Anonymous)

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