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Pierluigi Paganini May 17, 2015

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from the best sources free for you in your email box.

Hiring hackers, how much is it?
US SOCOM and The Special Forces to Scrutinize Social media
Skynet, the US top-secret program to track terrorists
PHP hash comparison flaw is a risk for million users
MMORPG hacker stripped to his underwear and executed online, watched by almost a million people
Free, cheap and easy security tools
Why Tor Shuts Down its Anonymous Cloud Service?
Alleged Developers of Photobucket Hacking Tool Arrested
Apple Watch hacked, a developer runs a web browser on it
MacKeeper Patches Serious Remote Code Execution Flaw
Mac PCs are unprotected against malware
Russia and China seal cyber non-hack pact
Angler EK Makes It Difficult to Track Down Malvertising Sources
Photobucket hackers face charges over photo-stealing app
Add GitHub dorking to list of security concerns
Unusual WordPress attack steals login credentials
What Does China-Russia No Hack Pact Mean For US?
US Secretary of Homeland Security fears an escalation of terrorism
How to Find the Details of a Network Attack
How quantum computing will improve credit card security
Microsoft Details Security Features in New Edge Web Browser
Sometimes, Perception is Just as Important as Reality
Microsoft Edge Browser Seen as a Big Security Upgrade
Angler Exploit Kit Pushing New, Unnamed Ransomware
Home Automation Software Z-Way Vulnerable to Remote Attacks
Crooks use iPods to steal card at ATM machines
Microsoft Patches Remote Code Execution Bugs in IE, Font Drivers, Windows Journal
The surprising fees hackers charge for their services
Cyber threats scare a society increasingly dependent on technology
DDoS Botnet Leverages Thousands of Insecure SOHO Routers
Dan Kaminsky on VENOM
VENOM flaw, millions of virtual machines are vulnerable to attack
XSS, CSRF Vulnerabilities identitified in WSO2 Identity Server
Russian Cyber Espionage Group Planning to Hit Banks: Report
Spam and Phishing in the First Quarter of 2015
WikiLeaks, er, leaks the Bundestag Inquiry into NSA naughtiness
Adobe issued a significant update for Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat
Bitdefender Unveils Hypervisor-Based Memory Introspection Technology
Cybersecurity in the maritime industry, are our ports secure?
Chinese Threat Group Uses Microsoft’s TechNet Portal to Host C&C IPs
Hackers drain money from Starbucks accounts linked to users’ credit cards
You have the right to be forgotten 41.3 per cent of the time says Google
Time to patch your Cisco TelePresence systems
Naikon Attackers Targeted APAC Geo-Political Intel For Years: Kaspersky
The Naikon APT
US House Passes Bill Ending NSA Bulk Data Collection
Venom VM bug called perfect for NSA, or for stealing bitcoins and passwords
Oil & Gas Firms Hit By Cyberattacks That Forgo Malware
APT28 hacking crew plans attacks on financial institutions
Jamie Oliver website makes a meal of malware clean-up
Whistleblower claims cybersecurity firm extorted clients
House Vote Slams NSA Records Collection; Senate Next as 215 Deadline Looms
Operation Tropic Trooper Hits Targets in Taiwan, Philippines: Trend Micro
Google extends Chrome malware crackdown to Windows dev channel, OS X
NATO, EU Work Together Against Hybrid Warfare
When Encrypted Communication Is Not Good Enough
Apple Watch’s security features protect data but won’t deter theft
Command Injection, Other Flaws Found in Cisco TelePresence Products
Chinese APT17 exploits Microsoft’s TechNet Portal to Host C&C IPs
Drinking from the Malware Fire Hose
Threatpost News Wrap, May 15, 2015
The Cybercrime Carnival in Brazil: Loose Cyberlaws Make for Loose Cybercriminals
Combo Breaker, a DIY tool to easily crack many Master padlocks
Mobile spyware firm mSpy hacked, clients doxxed on dark web
Security Firm Releases Details of Unpatched Google App Engine Flaws
Feedback Friday: Industry Reactions to VENOM Vulnerability
Win Free Air Miles for Finding Security Flaws in United Airlines
Remotely Exploitable flaws affect SAP solutions
United Airlines Offers Air Miles in New Bug Bounty Program
Once, Twice, Three times a Malady
mSpy data breach exposes thousand kids to online predators
Polish firm disclosed PoC code for security issues in Google App Engine
Tails 1.4 is out to preserve your privacy and anonymity
Simple Fingerprint Test is Enough to Know Cocaine Use
FBI: researcher hacked plane in-flight, causing it to climb

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