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Pierluigi Paganini June 28, 2015

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Password Recovery Scam – how to hack a Gmail account
Signal amplification and brute-force attack for car thieves
Electronic Frontier Foundation – WhatsApp ranked as the worst at protecting users’ privacy
Isis’s propaganda machine hunted down by Europol Web unit
Kevin Mitnick explains how to hack fiber optic and steal sensitive data
NSA, GCHQ Linked to Efforts to Compromise Antivirus Vendors: Report
NSA and GCHQ target security firm including Kaspersky
Slippery Silk Road spook will plead guilty to duping dealers
What is the Dark Web and Why is it so popular?
Minor Chrome release fixes serious bugs
Adobe Flash Player Zero-Day Exploited in Attack Campaign
Cybercrime: Much more organized
Facebook Reveals New Security Tool
Banks Targeted By Hackers Three Times More Than Other Sectors
NIST releases cyber security guidelines for government contractors
Child Exploitation & Assassins For Hire On The Deep Web
WikiLeaks publishes top secret NSA briefs showing US spied on France
Cryptowall cost victims $18 Million since 2014 warns FBI
ScryptCC hacked, large amount of Bitcoin stolen. DO NOT DEPOSIT!
CIA-funded spy data safe Palantir doubles in value in 18 months Phishing Scam Duping Travelers
FBI: CryptoWall Ransomware Cost US Users $18 Million
Vendor claims these three steps will prevent data breaches
US Spy Chief Says China Leading Suspect in Hack
Default SSH Key Found in Many Cisco Security Appliances
Tanium Launches Endpoint Forensics Module to Boost Incident Response
Samsung Program Disables Windows Update on PCs
Trojan that hides inside images infects healthcare organizations
FBI says crypto ransomware has raked in >$18 million for cybercriminals
Leaked Government Credentials Abundant on Public Web
Facebook Hires Ex-Yahoo CISO Alex Stamos
Spiceworks application vulnerability disclosed
The Winnti hacking crew is now targeting pharmaceutical and telecoms companies
Security Short Take: Was the Polish LOT airline really hacked?
Darknets in the Deep Web, the home of assassins and pedophiles
Vegan eats BeEf, gets hooked
That shot you heard? SSLv3 is now DEAD
Macros big again with cybercriminals
GCHQ heard you liked spying, so spied on itself spying on you
Phone Scams: Increasing Numbers, Wider Scope
IETF Officially Deprecates SSLv3
New Chrome Extension Blocks BeEF Attacks
SEC investigates FIN4 hackers who target publicly traded firms
Magento payment card stealers are being used in the wild
Private investigator snooped on e-mail of Scientology critics [Updated]
Europol arrested members of a gang behind Zeus And SpyEye
SCADA systems available for sale in the Underground

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