Hacker Interviews – The PøwerfulGreəkArmy (PGA)

Pierluigi Paganini August 01, 2016

Today I present you The PøwerfulGreəkArmy (aka PGA), a hacker collective focused in the fight against the ISIS propaganda online.

Enjoy the Interview.


Tell me more about PGA? Which is your motivation?

So ,we are a new hacking team with 7 skilled hackers. Our motivation is to stop pedophiles and ISIS doing actions.

PGA ‘s members have participated in Anonymous Campaigns such as #OpIcarus , #OpISIS And more.

Which is the technical background of your members? How did you meet them?

I meet them in a hacking forum , we talked and we were having a friendship. Then I asked them if they are interesting for a hacking team.

What was your greatest hacking challenge? What are the most important tools in your arsenal?

Our greatest hacking challenge was that we DDoSed and got down LoL EU Servers for 35 minutes. Also, another great attack we have done, was the Pokemon GO Servers attack. Our most important tools are a simple botnet to DDoS sites e.t.c. Kali Linux PHP shells Nmap

Do you have coding abilities? Are you able to develop a zero-day Exploit?

3 of 7 members have very good experience on coding , they know coding languages such as python , c# , c++, visual basic , java and more. Yes some of the members can exploit an 0-day exploit

Which are best places where to find a zero-day exploit (please provide me the names)? Give me an idea of you potential target?

I don’t know I think all the dl’s are probably viruses like RAT’s or something , but I think is legit. Not very sure.

Are you focused on specific industries (banking, government entities, etc)

So , we are targeting ISIS gov sites , pedophile accounts, and Turkish sites.

Which are the most dangerous hacking crews in the wild? Why? 

I think the most dangerous hacking crew is PoodleCorp , they attack Youtubers like crazy.

Did your members participate in Anonymous campaigns? 

Yes , all the members of P.G.A participate in Anonymous Campaigns.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – PGA, Hacking)

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