Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, and others leaked

Pierluigi Paganini August 23, 2017

Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been posted online by a celebrity leak website.

It has happened again, another wave of Fappening makes the headlines. Once again celebrities have been targeted by crooks, and unfortunately, they continue to ignore security fundamentals.

Once again their nude photos have been leaked online.

Dozens of personal and intimate images of Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Katharine McPhee, Tiger Woods and his ex Lindsey Vonn have reportedly been leaked on the Internet.

“Tiger Woods and Katharine McPhee have been hacked — private nude photos have surfaced — and their lawyers are vowing to destroy anyone who posts them.” reported TMZ sport.

“A website has posted graphic selfies of various naked stars, including Tiger, Lindsey Vonn, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell.

We’ve learned Woods has already unleashed attorney Michael Holtz, who’s threatening to sue the site if it doesn’t remove the Woods photo STAT.”

The list of the victims also includes Amanda Seyfried, Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale, Kate Hudson, Rose McGowan, Rosario Dawson, Suki Waterhouse and Alison Brie.

The images are rapidly circulating online, users are sharing links on forums and social media, including Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Celebrities’ lawyers are reported to be working to get pictures and link removed from principal websites, but it is very hard.

“Kristen Steward and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell are reported to be taking legal action against the websites that have posted the personal pictures. Kristen’s lawyer, Scott Whitehead, is saying that her client owns the pictures and the websites are violating the copyright laws, according to TMZ.” states Fossbytes.com.

“In case of Tiger Woods, his lawyers have threatened to go ahead with a lawsuit if the private pictures aren’t removed from the website. His photos, which were taken several years ago, are believed to be hacked from his ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s smartphone. “

The incident comes a few months after “The Fappening 2.0” images appeared online and private images of many celebrities, including Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, were published on Reddit and 4chan.

fappening 2017

The latest Fappening release was made by an unidentified group of hackers that managed to access the celebrities’ Apple iCloud accounts and stolen their data and documents, including photos and videos.

Nothing is changed since the first Fappening release back 2014, it was too easy to gain celebrities’ credentials even after Apple introduced the two-verification process to iCloud.

The crooks behind Fappening 2014 have since been identified and jailed.

Back to the present, stolen pictures were posted on the Celeb Jihad website.

While 2014 Fappening hackers gained login credentials via phishing attacks, it is still unclear which technique they employed.

Below the list of recommendations to keep your iCloud account secure.

  • Do not click on any suspicious links or attachments in unsolicited emails you received, even if they appear to have been sent by Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your accounts.
  • Never provide sensitive and personal information via email.
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly. Use different passwords for all your accounts.
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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Fappening 2017, iCloud)

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