Guy Fawkes Day – LulzSec Italy hit numerous organizations in Italy

Pierluigi Paganini November 09, 2018

Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th 2018 – LulzSec Italy announced credit a string of hacks and leaks targeting numerous systems and websites across Italy.

In celebration of Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th 2018, LulzSec Italy announced credit for a massive string of hacks and leaks targeting numerous systems and websites across Italy. Included in the breaches were Italy’s National Research Center, The Institute for Education Technologies, the ILIESI Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon, National Mining Office for Hydrocarbons and Geo-resources, Ministry of Economic Development, State Police Association, Fratelli D’Italia, Lega Nord Trentino, Partito Democratico Siena, TV Trentino, Technapoli Equitalia, State Archives S.I.A.S., Italian Military Personnel and National Association of Professional Educators.

Exposed in the Hack:

National Research Center

38 Databases Total:

Login information for 37 administrators, including full names, username, password and email:

11 Usernames, Passwords & Emails for Database eSG:

110 Usernames, Passwords & Emails for Database exe:

40 Usernames, Passwords & Emails for Database exe2:

41 Names & emails in ENHANCE datbase:

91 Names & Emails in PERSONALE database:

1 Username for Database artico:

88 Login Usernames, User-Emails & Passwords in iTreasure Database:

1 Username and Password In Database itd_cp:

12 Full Names, User Names, Emails & Passwords In Database DEL_GB:

National Research Center’s Public Relations Office

6 Databases Total:

119 Director Names, Emails, Phone Numbers & Web Addresses:

20 Entries in Database URP:

6 Usernames & Passwords for Database URP3:

The ILIESI Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon

53 Databases Total:

21 Usernames, ID’s & Passwords:

National Mining Office for Hydrocarbons & Geo-resources

Hackers were able to obtain 97 un-encrypted passwords, emails, telephone numbers, virtual hosts.

Database Available Here:

Ministry of Economic Development

Database: Microsoft_Access_masterdb | Providencal Names & Codes:

MassaCarrara Web Archives

Administrator Username & Password To Access Archive:

State Archive of Palermo

Archive Administrative Usernames & Password:

State Police Association

Hackers were unable to obtain the administrator logins, including username, email and password for access, uncovering the personal information of active duty police officers, including identifiable information such as their emails, social profiles, addresses, telephone numbers and account passwords.

Leaked Archive:

Fratelli D’Italia

1,348 Logins Including Emails & Passwords:

MySQL Database Download 1:

MySQL Database Download 2:

Lega Nord Trentino

23 ID’s Full Names & Emails:

Partito Democratico Siena

10 User Names, Emails & Logins – Including Administrators:

TV Trentino

Administrator Username & Login for SQL Database:

Technapoli Database Equitalia

Login Usernames & Passwords:

Database Download:

State Archives S.I.A.S.

20,430 Entries – Including User ID’s, Usernames, Full Names, Emails & Passwords:

Military Personnel

Close to 2,000 Names, Surnames, Emails, Passwords:

National Association of Professional Educators

2,200 Usernames, ID’s, Passwords & IP Addresses:

About the Author: Brian Dunn

Brian Dunn is a writer & researcher formally working as a content specialist for AnonHQ throughout 2015-2016. Today Brian Dunn owns and operates Rogue Security Labs, a small-time online security service and Rogue Media Labs, a news/media startup attempting to change the way people read & consume cyber news/education.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – LulzSec Italy, hacktivism)

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