CIA Admits It Monitors, Analyzes Facebook, Twitter

Pierluigi Paganini November 05, 2011

As always support social networks are now the ideal carrier for an abnormal amount of information and this is the main reason why many governments have invested and are investing in sophisticated analysis tools that can implement intelligent search within an ocean seemingly unrelated data.

An unit part of the CIA’s Open Source Center is responsible for monitoring the vast and various social networks, local and international news, radio, and television, Internet chat rooms, and pretty much anything from which they can procure intelligence.

Their goal is to monitor every facet of the internet in every imaginable language, cross-referencing that information with local news reports and information gleaned in the more traditional, cloak-and-dagger, spy-type espionage. Much of the information,according to the AP, ends up in the hands of White House officials and even in President Obama’s daily intelligence briefings.

One of the main problems that I was placed when we talked about systems analysis is themassive cost of these technologies and the relative maturity.

On the second point I never had doubts, because the available technologies allow similaranalysis without problems, while there was some concern about funding availability.

But when government agencies come into play even this threshold is exceeded in the lightof their budget.

What are the plausible scenarios? Government agencies that monitor the sentimentshared by these powerful channels. We are really interested in preventive actions or do we want to indoctrinate new ideologies?
The dangers are real, we will continue monitoring action but be careful not to go further, the pace is really short.

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