Pierluigi Paganini January 26, 2022
German intelligence agency warns of China-linked APT27 targeting commercial organizations

The BfV German domestic intelligence services warn of ongoing attacks carried out by the China-linked APT27 cyberespionage group. The Bun­des­amt fĂŒr Ver­fas­sungs­schutz (BfV) federal domestic intelligence agency warns of ongoing attacks coordinated by the China-linked APT27 group. “The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution ( BfV ) has information about an ongoing cyber espionage campaign […]

Pierluigi Paganini August 28, 2015
Xkeyscore: the secret Germany’s deal with the NSA

An agreement between the German intelligence agency BfV and the NSA allows the access to the XKeyscore platform to return of  data on German citizens. The German weekly Die Zeit disclosed documents that reveal how the German Intelligence did a deal with the NSA to get the access to the surveillance platform XKeyscore. Internal documents show that Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, […]