Pierluigi Paganini June 08, 2019
Hunting the ICEFOG APT group after years of silence

A security researcher found new evidence of activities conducted by the ICEFOG APT group, also tracked by the experts as Fucobha. Chi-en (Ashley) Shen, a senior security researcher at FireEye, collected evidence that demonstrates that China-linked APT group ICEFOG (aka Fucobha) is still active. The activities of the APT group were first uncovered by Kaspersky […]

Pierluigi Paganini February 11, 2014
The Mask – the most sophisticated APT operation seen to date

Speaking at Kaspersky Lab’s Industry Analyst Summit,Costin Raiu revealed details on The Mask campaign, the most sophisticated operation they’ve seen to date. The Kaspersky team recently announced to have detected a new significant APT campaign dubbed The Mask or “Careto” (Spanish for “Ugly Face” or “Mask”), a group of high-level state-sponsored hackers have been targeting government agencies, […]

Pierluigi Paganini February 09, 2014
Cost of conducting APT campaigns is dramatically dropping

Speaking at Kaspersky Lab’s Industry Analyst Summit Costin Raiu, revealed that the cost for APT campaign is dramatically dropping. The cost of developing advanced malware has fallen dramatically malicious code like Stuxnet and Flame are today economically more affordable. It has been estimated that the expense for the development of a cyber weapon like Stuxnet,or for a […]

Pierluigi Paganini January 15, 2014
Kaspersky discovered Icefog Hit US energy companies with Java Backdoor

Kaspersky experts discovered a java version of icefog espionage campaign that targeted at least 3 us oil, gas companies spreading a backdoor dubbed Javafog. Kaspersky Lab in September 2013 announced to have discovered Icefog team, an emerging group of cyber-mercenaries available for hire to conduct surgical hit and run operations against strategic targets.  The cyber […]

Pierluigi Paganini September 27, 2013
Icefog – Kaspersky discovered the group of cyber mercenaries

Kaspersky Lab discovered the emerging group of cyber-mercenaries Icefog available for hire to perform surgical hit and run operations against strategic targets. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab sustain to have identifies a group of cyber mercenaries called Icefog that is responsible for a huge cyber espionage campaign, occurred in 2011, against Japanese parliament and dozens of government agencies and […]