NATO Chief calls for a new strategic to address new challenges

Pierluigi Paganini October 09, 2020

NATO Chief calls for a new strategic to mitigate the risks related to the threats to the rising technologies, new forms of terrorism, and the role of China

The rapid and continuous changes in our society needs to be properly addressed, NATO warns, NATO Chief call for a new strategic to address the global rise of new technologies, the evolution of terrorism and role of China in the global politics.

The new strategy has to replace the one developed a decade ago by the Atlantic alliance.

Among the advocates of change there is the French President Emmanuel Macron that also aims at the reopening dialogue with Russia and empower the efforts to fight the Islamist terrorism.

“My thought is that the existing Strategic Concept, which we agreed in 2010, has served NATO well. And it has actually served us well for many years. And we have also seen over the last year that the Strategic Concept we already have has not prevented us from adapting and changing NATO. Having said that, I think we all have to realise that since we agreed the Strategic Concept back in 2010, the world has fundamentally changed.” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the GLOBSEC security forum in Bratislava, Slovakia.

“The time has come to develop a new strategic concept for NATO, a new blueprint for how NATO can adapt and respond to a changing security environment.”

The overall process of change is part of a program that the NATO chief indicated as NATO 2030.

Stoltenberg recommends to maintain alliance’s technological edge, while developing common principles and standards for new technologies. The Alliance have to enhance cooperation between Allies in areas like joint research and development.

NATO Chief states that the alliance does not see any imminent threats and does’t regard China as an enemy or an adversary’. Anyway the role of China in the global economy have to be properly addressed because the state has is the biggest market in the world and they have the second largest defence budget.

Beijing is investing heavily in new technologies, including missiles, nuclear weapons, Artificial Intelligence. NATO is also concerned about the investments of China in disruptive technologies and the related implications for the Alliance.

“We see a much more assertive Russia than we did in 2010, with illegal annexation of Crimea destabilising eastern Ukraine, the military build-up. We see a new and more brutal form of terrorism, more instability to the south of our Alliance – Middle East, North Africa. And we see, of course, a fundamental shift in the global balance of power with the rise of China. And we see the development of new destructive technologies which affect our security.” Stoltenberg added.

Stoltenberg highlighted the concept to enhance the resilience of our society across the member states, because “our military cannot be strong if our societies are weak.”

“So our first line of defence must be strong societies able to prevent, endure, adapt and bounce back from whatever happens,” he explained with a clear reference to the ongoing pandemic and the related difficulties that member states are facing with.

“And any attempt to try to divide Europe from North America will not only weaken NATO, but it will also divide Europe. So we need to work together as Europe, as NATO. That’s the only way we can stand together and meet all the challenges we see in the future.” concludes NATO chief.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, K-Electric)

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