Spanish police shut down illegal TV streaming network

Pierluigi Paganini June 03, 2024

Spanish police dismantled a pirated TV streaming network that allowed its operators to earn over 5,300,000 euros since 2015.

The Spanish National Police dismantled a network that illicitly distributed audiovisual content, earning over 5,300,000 euros since 2015. The police arrested eight individuals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Oviedo, and Málaga, and searched two homes. The police also blocked 16 IPTV content distribution websites. According to the announcement, the investigation began in November 2022, following a complaint by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment against those responsible for two websites allegedly marketing videographic content that violated intellectual property rights.

The international criminal organization was using advanced technology to capture and decrypt satellite signals to distribute over 130 international TV channels and thousands of movies and series illegally. The illicitly distributed the content to over 14,000 subscribers. The authorities arrested the key members of the organization and seized two computers, a vehicle, and 80,000 euros in bank accounts. The police identified servers used by the gang and blocked 16 web pages, redirecting users to a National Police website informing them of the law enforcement operation.

“This international criminal organization used the latest technology and the most advanced technical devices to capture signals emitted via satellite in many countries. They subsequently amplified them and decrypted the multimedia content they transported, content that they then distributed publicly and illegally.” reads the press release published by the Spanish Police. “In total, more than 130 international television channels and thousands of movies and series that they made available to citizens around the world, a service for which they charged each of their more than 14,000 subscribers between 10 and 19 euros per month, or between 90 and 169 euros per year – depending on the type of subscription -, with the consequent damage to the rights of the authors, producers and distributors of these artistic works.”

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the world’s leading anti-piracy coalition, applauded the Spanish National Police for the operation against the large-scale illegal IPTV service TVMucho (also known as Teeveeing). This is the first criminal action in Spain against an operation of this size and scope.

TVMucho/Teeveeing had more than 4 million visits in 2023 and offered more than 125 channels, including major networks like BBC, ITV, Sky, and RTL.

“We commend the Spanish National Police for protecting the intellectual property rights of dozens of ACE members through this successful raid,” said Karyn Temple, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel for the Motion Picture Association (MPA). “The operation reinforces ACE’s commitment to partnering with regional authorities in identifying and confronting digital copyright infringement. We look forward to continuing our joint mission to protect the creative economy in Spain and beyond.”

Let me remind you that also subscribers to illegal streaming services could be investigated and fined by law enforcement.

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