Android game allows WhatsApp conversations snooping

Pierluigi Paganini December 07, 2013

Google has recently removed from the official Play store the ” Balloon Pop 2″ Android game that allows WhatsApp conversations snooping.

Every day numerous friends ask me if it is possible to steal WhatsApp chat messages and how, of course a malware represents an excellent solution to the request.

In the past I already posted an article on the implementation of encryption mechanisms for WhatsApp application explaining that improper design could allow attackers to snoop on the conversation.

Spreading the malware through an official channel the attacker could improve the efficiency of the attack, and it is exactly what is happened, an Android game has been published on the official Google Play store to stealthy steal users’ WhatsApp conversation databases and to resell the collection of messages on an internet website.

The games titled Balloon Pop 2 has been fortunately identified and removed from the official Google Play store, it was able to spy on conversations made via WhatsApp and upload them to the WhatsAppCopy website.

On the WhatsAppCopy website is advertised the Android game BalloonPop2 as a way of “backing up” a device’s WhatsApp conversations, it’s very curious, what do think about?

The website managers sustain that their app is a legitimate game that could be used to back up WhatsApp messages, they aren’t responsible for its abuse for spying purposes.

The attacker paying a fee could view the stolen WhatsApp conversations from the WhatsAppCopy website, it is necessary provide the phone number of the targeted Android device to read the private messages exchanged by the victims.

WhatsApp game spyware

The message posted on the website states:

“Execute our game on a mobile, whatsapp conversations are sent to this website, an hour later looking for the phone, and you can read the conversations .”

Android game spy on whatsapp conversation

Despite the application has been immediately removed from the Google Play store there is the concrete risk that ill-intentioned will continue to distribute it through unofficial stores.

The rapid diffusion of mobile platforms and lack of defense mechanisms on almost every device make them a privileged targets, the number of malicious code designed for Android and iOS is literally exploded in the next years.

Cyber criminals have also exploited official channel to spread malicious code, it is happened for the mobile version of the popular Carberp banking trojan.

The fact that an app has been published on official store it isn’t sufficient to consider it reliable and secure, same consideration is valid for other mobile platforms.

Take care of your privacy, be smart!

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Cyberespionage, WhatsApp)

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