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Pierluigi Paganini June 21, 2015

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OPM hack: White House orders the adoption of best practices
Researcher found Wind turbines and solar systems vulnerable worldwide
OPM data offered for sale on the Dark Web
Wikimedia Rolling Out HTTPS to Encrypt All Wikipedia Traffic
Russia and China have hacked into Snowden’s files, endangering US and British agents
Amazon Details Government Data Requests in First Transparency Report
Lessons Learned From The Ramnit Botnet Takedown
$38 an hour is the cost of destructive DDos Attacks
Popular WordPress SEO Plugin Fixes XSS Bug
With payroll in arrears, online antivirus seller shuts doors
US Navy Soliciting Zero Days
China Uses Watering Hole Attacks, JSONP Hijacking to Identify Users
LastPass Network Breached; Calls for Master Password Reset
Amazon Transparency Report Shows Few Requests For User Data
Chancellor Merkel’s PC was the first one infected in the Bundestag hack
Authors of Duqu 2.0 used a stolen digital certificate in attacks
FBI investigates St Louis Cardinals over Houston Astros hacking
Application LastPass has been compromised
Stegoloader, a stealthy Information Stealer that exploits steganography
The Spring Dragon APT
Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0days for iOS and OS X
Cyber attacks against VOIP systems on the rise
OPM Breach Dates Back to December
Speaking in Tech: LastPass hack was a total HASH, amirite?
Top US baseball team accused of hacking rival
Enterprises See 30 Percent Rise in Phone Fraud: Report
Apple CORED: Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X
Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle
Banking trojan used in a second round attack against Bundestag
US Agencies Face Uphill Battle for Tech Talent
Phone scamming up 30 percent last year: Report
#OpC51 Anonymous hit systems at Canadian Government
Drupal Security Updates Patch Several Vulnerabilities
Reddit jons the HTTPS-only stampede
No evidence Snowden was working for foreign power says ex-NSA boss
Hackers Attack Canada Government Websites
Must-know security tips for non-technical fathers
Of Non-Nexus Devices and the Android Security Rewards Program
DuckDuckGo traffic up after Apple integration and privacy scares
Cyberspace under a shadow of Cyber Poisons and Antidotes
Security gains a voice with communications specialist
Uncovering Tor users: where anonymity ends in the Darknet
Flaws in OS X, iOS Allow Malicious Apps to Steal Passwords, Other Data
reddit goes all-HTTPS—joining Wikipedia, Netflix, and even the feds
Magnitude Exploit Kit Targets Recently-Patched Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability
Cybercrime is paying with 1,425% return on investment
XARA data stealing flaws affect Apple iOS, OSX
LinkedIn reveals invitation-only bourgeois bug bounty
Threatpost News Wrap, June 19, 2015
WikiLeaks published new Sony secrets
Free Encryption Project to issue First SSL/TLS Certificates Next Month
Cryptzone Secures $15 Million Series B Funding
Mysterious car burglaries: Signal amplification or brute-force hacking?
Trio of Vulnerabilities Patched in Magneto Web App
Container Deployment Grows, Security Concerns Linger: Survey
Serious security issue affects SAP HANA systems
Stealing crypto-keys from PCs using leaked radio emissions

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