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Pierluigi Paganini March 20, 2016

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs

A new massive spam campaign is spreading Locky ransomware downloaders
Security Affairs newsletter Round 51 – News of the week
CISCO warns customers of high-severity flaws in modems and gateways
Reuters – Malware suspected in the Bangladesh central bank heist
CVE-2013-5838 Java flaw is back two-year later due to broken patch
The leader of the Team GhostShell collective revealed his identity
Hacking mechanics workshop to infect cars
Placing a skimmer on Gas Station Card Scanner in less than 3 seconds
The DoJ threatens to force Apple to hand over iOS source code
Crooks expoit Oman websites in typosquatting attacks
Fujitsu targets payment industry with PalmSecure Technology
The GM Bot v2 released after source leak, it is more expensive of v2
Crooks exploit Oman websites in typosquatting attacks
Malware targeting Steam accounts, a growing business
Dear Donald Trump Anonymous plans to destroy your campaign starting April 1
Several Top websites as BBC, New York Times AOL, MSN and others victims of malvertising
EDA2, derived from the educational ransomware, is easy to break
Man behind The Fappening case charged with hacking celebrity accounts
ProtonMail is open. Do you want an encrypted email account? Sign in!
American Express issued a notice of data breach
How to install the AceDeceiver malware onto any iOS Device
Carbanak Group targets entities in Middle East and US with new TTPs
Android Stagefright Exploit, Millions devices open to 10-seconds hack
Buhtrap group stole tens of millions of dollars from Russian banks
DB of the Kinoptic iOS app abandoned online with 198,000 records
New Android Gmobi adware found in firmware and popular apps
Be aware the unbreakable TeslaCrypt 4 was detected in the wild
SCADA hacking – Hackers with ability to cut the power is a real threat
Anonymous claims to leak Trump s personal info under #OpWhiteRose
Hackers stole data from the Swiss Peoples Party

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