Security Affairs newsletter Round 79 – News of the week

Pierluigi Paganini September 25, 2016

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

First of all let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog


GCHQ plans to protect the country with a national firewall
Mozilla will fix the cross-platform RCE flaw that threatened Tor anonymity
Security Affairs newsletter Round 78 – News of the week
Hacking industrial processes with and undetectable PLC Rootkit
NIST issues the Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder cybersecurity self-assessment tool
CVE-2016-6415 – CISCO confirms a new Zero-Day linked to Equation Group hack
Boffins analyzed EXIF metadata in photos on principal blackmarkets
Vawtrak v2, a close look at the cybercriminal groups behind the threat
OpenSSL will patch this week high severity vulnerability
How an insecure messaging app led to fall of a terrorist organization in Turkey?
Car Hacking – Chinese hacker team remotely hacked Tesla Model S
A mistake allowed us a peek into North Korea Internet infrastructure
Italian securtiy firm spotted BadEpilogue: The Perfect Evasion
Experts found apps in Google Play serving the Overseer malware to overseas travelers
It seems that Internet Explorer and Edge users were in danger for so long
Italian security firm spotted BadEpilogue: The Perfect Evasion
Over 840,000 Cisco systems affected by the Equation Groups flaw CVE-2016-6415
RAUM tool allows to spread malware through torrent files
iSpy, a new sophisticated commercial keylogger in the criminal underground
Yahoo is going to confirm the data breach that exposed 200 Million Yahoo accounts
CVE-2016-6374 – Dont waste time, patch your CISCO Cloud Services Platform
Yahoo Data Breach, the company confirms the incident that exposed 500M accounts
BT Wi-Fi extender, extends to XSS and password changing vulnerabilities
Hacker Interviews – Toxic Venom from #Z3ro0d3 crew
As of October 5, automatic OAuth 2.0 token revocation upon password reset
Young hacker Luca Todesco announced the iPhone 7 jailbreak
The leak of NSA hacking tools was caused by a staffer mistake
Hacker Interviews – Anonrising freesec
Cyber crooks focus on the future as ATM Biometric Skimmers go on Sale
Cracking Apple iOS 10 Backup Encryption is now 2,500 times faster
Ardit Ferizi, the hacker who helped ISIS to share a Kill List of US Military Personnel has been sentenced to 20 years in prison

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