The Turkish Government is investigating more than 10,000 people in terror probe

Pierluigi Paganini December 26, 2016

The Turkish Government is investigating 10000 people suspected of terror-related activity on the internet,accused of propaganda or apologizing for terrorism

The Turkish authorities are investigating more than 10000 individuals over online terror activities. The suspects are accused of being responsible for the sharing of material and post against government officials.

According to the Interior Ministry, the inquiries are part of the “fight against terrorism, which continues with determination everywhere, including on social networks.”

The pressure of the Turkish government is increasing since the coup attempt occurred in July. Authorities are applying a strict censorship of online activities of its citizens.

The Turkish Government has applied restrictions on the Tor anonymity network, and more in general all VPN services, that could be used to avoid censorship.

“Turkey declared a state of emergency and launched deep purges of perceived opponents, sparking concern among human rights groups which accuse Ankara of repression.” reported The SUN.

The Turkish authorities have questioned more than 3,000 people in the last six months, 1,656 of them have been arrested and 84 are still being questioned.

Turkish Government

The accusation for them is “propaganda or apologizing for terrorism” and “insulting state officials.”

The situation in the country is aggravated after the assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov that occurred last week during an exhibition in Ankara. Investigators believe the assassination is part of a terrorist plot to destabilize the relationship between Russia and Turkey.

The Turkish Government fears possible interference through social media, Twitter and YouTube have slowed since the publication of a video in which members of the ISIS burned alive two captured Turkish soldiers.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Propaganda, Turkish Government)

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