gnosticplayers offers 26 Million new accounts for sale on the Dark Web

Pierluigi Paganini March 17, 2019

The hacker gnosticplayers is offering the fourth batch of millions of records stolen from 6 new websites for sale on the dark web.

Gnosticplayers is back with the fourth round of hacked accounts offered for sale on the dark web.

In February, the hacker who goes by online with the moniker Gnosticplayers disclosed the existence of some massive unreported data breaches in three rounds. The experts offered for sale the huge trove of data for a limited period of time.

In a first round, the seller listed a batch of 620 million accounts coming from 16 breached websites including Dubsmash, Armor Games, 500px, Whitepages, and ShareThis. A few days later, Gnosticplayers offered a new batch of 127 million records originated from eight companies.

The third round contained more than 92 million hacked users’ accounts from 8 new websites, including the GIF hosting platform Gfycat.

Now the hacker is offering the fourth batch of millions of records stolen from 6 new websites for sale on the dark web.

Gnosticplayers listing

Gnosticplayers in an exclusive conversation with HACKREAD claimed to be a Pakistani citizen, a hacktivist fighting to put a positive image of his country.

Now the hacker contacted The Hacker News via email to announce the availability of the fourth batch of data he claimed to have obtained from dozens of popular websites.

The fourth round is available for sale on the DreamMarket marketplace, stolen records belong to the following 8 hacked websites:

  1. Youthmanual — Indonesian college and career platform — 1.12 million accounts
  2. GameSalad — Online learning platform —1.5 million accounts
  3. Bukalapak — Online Shopping Site — 13 million accounts
  4. Lifebear — Japanese Online Notebook — 3.86 million accounts
  5. EstanteVirtual — Online Bookstore — 5.45 Million accounts
  6. Coubic — Appointment Scheduling — 1.5 million accounts

The hacker is offering for sale the above databases individually for 1.2431 Bitcoin (roughly $5,000).

It is not clear if the administrators of the above websites are aware that their data are available for sale on the black marketplace, for sure they haven’t previously disclosed any data breach.

Users of the web services listed in the four rounds are recommended to change their passwords on those websites and any other service for which they use the same credentials.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – gnosticplayers, dark web)

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