Watch out, sextortion scammers are using a new tactic

Pierluigi Paganini January 02, 2020

Sextortion cybercrimes continue to threaten Internet users, scammers are using new tactics to bypass spam filters and secure email gateways.

Sextortion scams continue to evolve to bypass security measures such as spam filters and secure email gateways. Sextortion messages threaten the victims of revealing their private videos while watching adult websites or making virtual sex with their camera,

Sextortion emails typically warn the victims that their PC has been hacked and ask them to pay a fee (usually in Bitcoin) to avoid that videos will be sent to all their contacts.

A recent tactic reported by experts at BleepingComputer consists of sending sextortion emails in foreign languages and splitting Bitcoin addresses into two parts. The messages also include the instructions to compose the Bitcoin address.

The only text in the victim’s language included in the emails are the instructions to use the Google Translator.

“To bypass these filters, attackers have started to utilize new tactics such as sending sextortion emails in foreign languages and splitting bitcoin addresses into two parts.” reads the post published by BleepingComputer.

“As can be seen in the email below, the only text in English is the instructions to “Use google translator.”


Below an example of the messages sent to the victims:

"The last time you visited a pornographic website with young teens, you downloaded and installed automatically spy software that I created. My program turned on your camera and recorded the act of your indignation and the video that you observed during the indignation. I also received your contact lists, phone numbers, emails, contacts on social networks. I have a video file g_c.mp4 with ur mαsturbatioɳ and a file with all your contacts on my hard drive. If you want me to delete both files and keep your secret, you must pass me the bitcoin agent. I give you 72 hours to transfer funds.
Amount: 0.14 bit coins (approximately)

Part 1 Bit Coins: 3Bv9QgEw15QQo1T
Part 2 bit addresses: EUVW4hbBkkd2fEtFfPP

Important: You must connect the two parts (part 1 of the bit-coin address + part 2 of the address of the bit-coin) without spaces between them. You can also save this somewhere so as not to lose the details.

Quick tip! You can buy Bit-Coin from Paxful. Use Google to find it.
The next time you close your cameras, someone can watch this! Limit yourself once a month if you cannot completely switch to NoFap.

As usual, let me suggest to keep calm if you receive a sextortion email and don’t pay any demand made by the scammers.

It is a good habit to mark the email as spam so that the security system installed on your computer will learn to recognize such kind of message as malicious in the future.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – sextortion, cybercrime)

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