Pierluigi Paganini June 22, 2015
Hackers targeted the Polish Airline LOT, grounded 1,400 Passengers

A cyber attack against the ground computer systems of the Polish flagship carrier LOT grounded more than 1,400 passengers at Warsaw’s Okecie airport. The Polish national airline, LOT, announced on Sunday that it has cancelled 10 flights due to a cyber attack against the airline’s ground computer systems at Warsaw’s Okecie airport. “Today afternoon LOT […]

Pierluigi Paganini May 20, 2015
Airbus – Be aware a software bug in A400M can crash the plane

The crash of the Airbus A400M military transport in Spain was caused by a software bug, three engines were shut down immediately after the start due to the flaw. Recently we have discussed a lot about the possibility to hack a plane, almost everyone has read about the computer security researcher Chris Roberts which reported the […]

Pierluigi Paganini May 16, 2015
FBI: researcher hacked plane in-flight, causing it to “climb”

The computer security researcher Chris Roberts reported the FBI that he obtained the control of at least one commercial flight causing it to “climb”. A new search warrant filed in a federal court in New York state published Friday by the Canadian website APTN revealed that the aviation computer security researcher Chris Roberts reported the FBI that […]