UK won the Military Cyberwarfare exercise Defence Cyber Marvel 2 (DCM2)

Pierluigi Paganini February 24, 2023

Defence Cyber Marvel 2 (DCM2) is the largest Western Europe-led cyber exercise that took place in Tallinn with 34 teams from 11 countries.

The Defence Cyber Marvel 2 (DCM2) is the largest training exercise organised by the Army Cyber Association to allow personnel from across the Armed Forces to build their skills within the cyber and electromagnetic domain.

This year, 750 cyber specialists have participated in the military cyberwarfare exercise. 34 teams from 11 countries, including India, Italy, Ghana, Japan, US, Ukraine, Kenya, and Oman, have taken part in a live-fire cyber battle that lasted seven days.

“Organised by a team of cyber specialists from the British Army, Defence Cyber Marvel 2 (DCM2) was the culmination of more than 12 months of training for more than 750 cyber specialists, including Defence personnel, government agencies, industry partners, and other nations.” reads the press release published by the UK Ministry of Defence.

The exercise was hosted in Tallinn, Estonia, participant teams were involved in common and complex simulations of attacks against IT and OT networks, and unmanned robotic systems. The exercise also simulated some of the tactics Russia used to disrupt Ukrainian cyberspace amid the beginning of the invasion one year ago.

Many teams took part in the exercise remotely, they connected to a cyber range controlled in Tallinn, Estonia.

“The Army Cyber Association was set up by Royal Signals officers, prior to the formation of 13 Signal Regiment, as a cyber operations professional development network. It is volunteer run and entirely inclusive for any Service person who wants to develop their cyberspace knowledge and skills.” said Colonel Ian Hargreaves Chair of the Army Cyber Association. “Our focus has always been talent identification, recognition and development with a big wraparound of innovation. We must innovate to stay ahead of those that would wish us harm and Defence Cyber Marvel 2 is the next evolution of our pioneering collective education.”

Britain’s 7 Military Intelligence team, who competed remotely from Italy, won the exercise, followed by te Tallinn-based 5 Military Intelligence. 

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