German police seized the darknet marketplace Nemesis Market

Pierluigi Paganini March 23, 2024

The German police seized the infrastructure of the darknet marketplace Nemesis Market disrupting its operation.

An operation conducted by the Federal Criminal Police Office in Germany (BKA) and the Frankfurt cybercrime combating unit (ZIT) led to the seizure of the infrastructure of the darknet marketplace Nemesis Market in Germany and Lithuania.

“On Wednesday , the Frankfurt am Main Public Prosecutor’s Office – Central Office for Combating Internet Crime ( ZIT ) – and the Federal Criminal Police Office ( BKA ) secured the server infrastructure of the global illegal darknet marketplace “Nemesis Market” located in Germany and Lithuania and thus closed it.” reads the press release published by the German BKA.

The international operation was conducted in coordination between German, American and Lithuanian law enforcement authorities.

The law enforcement confiscated about 94,000 euros worth of cryptocurrencies.

The Nemesis Market has been active since 2021, its offerings included illegal drugs and narcotics, stolen data and credit cards, as well as a selection of cybercrime services such as ransomware , phishing or DDoS attacks.

The Nemesis Market recently reached over 150,000 users and over 1,100 seller accounts registered worldwide. The investigation revealed that almost 20 percent were seller accounts from Germany.

The Nemesis Market marketplace currently displays the following banner informing visitors that the site has been seized by law enforcement.

Nemesis Market

The police will use the data obtained from the seized infrastructure to identify and persecute platform sellers and users.

The German police is very active and efficient, in early March, the Düsseldorf Police announced that a large-scale international law enforcement operation led to the seizure of the largest German-speaking cybercrime marketplace Crimemarket.

Crimemarket was a prominent platform for trading illegal drugs, narcotics, and cybercrime services. Operators were also offering tutorials for several criminal activities.

In December 2023, the Federal Criminal Police Office in Germany (BKA) and the internet-crime combating unit of Frankfurt (ZIT), along with law enforcement agencies from multiple countries (United States, Switzerland, Moldova, and Ukraine), conducted an operation that resulted in the seizure of the dark web marketplace Kingdom Market.

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