Law enforcement arrested dozens people from Darkode crime forum

Pierluigi Paganini July 15, 2015

An international joint effort of law enforcement allowed the arrest of dozen people active on the popular Darkode crime forum.

A joint operation run by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in Europe and Brazil have allowed the identification and the arrest of more than 60 people suspected of carrying out hacking crimes. According to the media, all the suspects are associated with the online criminal forum Darkode.

Darkode was a black market specialized in the sale of exploit kits and hacking tool, its seller also offered a spam services and services for malware customization.

delegados announcement Darkode arrest

The FBI along with Europol and the Brazil’s Federal Police were monitoring the cybercriminal forum since March, the operation has resulted in 62 arrests in 18 countries worldwide, Colombia, Germany, India and UK.

According to the, the Federal Police arrested two cyber criminals on Tuesday (July 14), in Goiania, they are suspected of participating in online fraudulent activities including money theft from banking account by using banking trojans. According to PF (Federal Police), among those arrested there is a man who actively participated since 2013 in the Darkode forum.

“The operation resulted in the arrests, which takes the same forum name, was initiated by the Cyber Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2012. According to the PF in total were identified 62 hackers from Brazil and other 18 countries. “reported the Globo.

The Brazilian Police confirmed that at the time I was writing there is no estimation of the losses caused by the criminal crew. 

“The goal of the search is also identify bank, payments, fraudulent slips so that we can measure this damage more accurately,” said the executive regional delegate PF Goiás, Umberto Ramos Rodrigues.

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