Dark web marketplace ToRReZ shuts down on their own’s decision

Pierluigi Paganini December 27, 2021

The operators of the ToRReZ dark web marketplace have shut down their operation claiming it is the result of their own’s decision.

The operators of the ToRReZ dark web marketplace have shut down their operation before Christmas, claiming that it is the result of their own’s decision.

The admin of Torrez market “mrblonde” made the announcement of the closure of the marketplace on a hacking forum. He pointed out that the service is not doing an exit scam. The admin clearly explained that they might come back at a later stage.

Torrez Market was established in April 2020, it is the only darknet marketplace that accepts Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and Litecoin. Torrez Market was supporting both wallet and walletless transactions for making purchases.

The marketplace focuses on the sale of narcotics, but its listing also included other illegal products and services such as data dumps and counterfeiting.

Below the full announcement:

After 675 days of presence on the darknet, we have decided to close our door for good. Please read the following
statement to understand the market’s closure process.
From 2021-12-17 certain functions of the market has been disabled: registering, upgrading to vendor account,
purchasing, featured items auctions, support.
Market wallets are working fine and are ready to get your withdrawals requests. Because we use fully automated system, please be ready for queues when it comes to the withdraw. We especially expect the queue on XMR withdrawals (because of how XMR is built).
Market will be left online for at least two to three weeks until all orders are finalized and disputes are closed.
We will review the disputes on the daily basis so you can withdraw your funds as quick as possible.
Buyers and vendors – please work with us on your disputes. Please provide information about the package status.
Do not be a dick to each other. We give you an opportunity to leave the market with your gear or funds so help
us to achieve that. Vendors trying to use this opportunity to exit scam will be banned. We also share our vendor’s data with Recon.
If you forgot your mnemonic / pin / password / pgp – there is nothing we can do about it.
If your deposit did not come – it is because you got phished and there is nothing we can do about it.
If you paid for the order and it is not on the list – it is because you got phished and there is nothing we can do about it.
It has been a great pleasure to work with most vendors and users. We are aware that we leave quite a big gap
in darknet markets but we hope most of you will find a new home.
While choosing a new market, please use your common sense. I would personally avoid any “established” market
as older they get, bigger chance of collapsing is.
Please give a chance to the smaller markets, which are not that loud as others. This is exactly how we became no
1 – being quiet and doing our job, serving customers 24/7 for 675 fucking days.
While ToRReZ will be gone for good, we might (or not) come back at some stage with something different.
The whole world goes green. Maybe we will join the trend at some stage ;] When we decide to be back,
we will definitely sign the message with one of the known keys so watch out for any copycats.
If you have anything to say to me, you can use Dread’s system but I give no warranty that any of your messages
will be read, not to mention that they will not get answered.
Thanks for supporting us.
ToRReZ Market Team

Since December 17 it is not possible to register new accounts and add new offers to the listings. The administrators will give a few weeks to the users to withdraw their funds and complete their transactions.

In October White House Market, another prominent dark web marketplace, shut down its operations.

The admin of White House Market, mr white, explained that it has decided to halt the operation because he has reached his goal, likely in terms of profits.

The above marketplaces shut down on their own, but this year several marketplaces were seized by law enforcement agencies, including DarkMarket in January, Le Monde Parallèle in May, and Berlusconi Market and DeepSea in October.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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