Avast released a free decryptor for TargetCompany ransomware

Pierluigi Paganini February 07, 2022

Cybersecurity firm Avast has released a decryption tool to allow victims of TargetCompany ransomware to recover their files for free.

Czech cybersecurity software firm Avast has released a decryption tool that could allow victims of the TargetCompany ransomware to recover their files for free under certain circumstances.

The experts warn that the decryptor consumes most of the processor’s computing power in order to retrieve the password, the cracking process may take up to tens of hours.

The decryptor allows users to periodically save the progress to interrupt and restart the decryption process and resume the previously started cracking process.

“During password cracking, all your available processor cores will spend most of their computing power to find the decryption password. The cracking process may take a large amount of time, up to tens of hours,” reads the announcement published by Avast. “The decryptor periodically saves the progress and if you interrupt it and restart the decryptor later, it offers you an option to resume the previously started cracking process.”

TargetCompany ransomware decryptor

The password cracking process is only needed once per PC, there is no need to repeat it for each file.

TargetCompany ransomware decryptor utility can download from Avast server, a simple interface instructs the users in the decryption process.

“On the final wizard page, you can opt-in whether you want to backup encrypted files. These backups may help if anything goes wrong during the decryption process. This option is turned on by default, which we recommend.” continues Avast.

TargetCompany has been active since June 2021, once encrypted a file it adds .mallox, .exploit, .architek, or .brg extension to the filenames of encrypted files.

Like other ransomware, TargetCompany removes shadow copies on all drives and kills some processes that may hold open valuable files, such as databases.

Once the encryption process is completed it drops a ransom note file named “HOW TO RECOVER !!.TXT” in all folders containing encrypted files.

Over the past months Avast has released other free decryptors for other ransomware, including BabukAtomSilo, and LockFile ransomware.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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