DRM Report Q2 2023 – Ransomware threat landscape

Pierluigi Paganini October 04, 2023

The DRM Report Q2 2023 report provides a detailed insight into the ransomware threat landscape during the period between May and August 2023.

In an era where digitalization has woven its web into the very fabric of our lives, the dark underbelly of the digital realm continues to pose an ever-growing threat. Ransomware, a menace that has evolved into a formidable adversary, takes center stage in our examination of the cyber threat landscape during the second quarter of 2023.

This report aims to shine a spotlight on the intricate web of ransomware activities that unfolded between May and August 2023, offering an in-depth analysis of the global landscape while maintaining a particular focus on the unique challenges faced by Italy. As the digital world becomes increasingly intertwined with our daily existence, understanding and combating the menace of ransomware are not merely options but imperatives.

DRM Report Q2 2023

Within these pages, we delve into a world where cybercriminals operate with audacity, tracking the activities of 165 criminal groups across the globe. Our vigilant OSINT DRM platform continuously monitored 300 servers, acting as a watchful sentinel against ransomware attacks. The data collected paints a vivid picture, revealing 1,736 ransomware claims, with 53 incidents specifically targeting Italy.

Key Findings:

  • During Q2 2023, we monitored 165 criminal groups operating globally, with a constant watch on 300 servers involved in ransomware activities.
  • A total of 1736 ransomware claims were identified, with 53 specifically targeting Italy.
  • This report delves into the geographical distribution of attacks and the most affected business sectors.
  • A special focus is placed on ransomware incidents in Italy, aiming to understand the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by the country.
  • All data was obtained through our Ransomfeed DRM platform, which scrapes data from select dark web sources.

Quarterly Overview:

  • May witnessed 412 attacks, followed by 434 in June, 480 in July, and 410 in August, indicating a growing trend of ransomware incidents throughout the quarter.

Regional Impact:

  • The report highlights the global impact of ransomware attacks but emphasizes Italy’s vulnerability with 53 recorded incidents during the period.
  • Geographical data and affected sectors provide crucial insights into emerging trends and threats.

Wrapping up:

  • The second quarter of 2023 reflects a concerning surge in ransomware attacks globally.
  • The DRM platform’s role in monitoring and data collection is paramount in identifying 165 criminal groups and 1736 ransomware claims.
  • Continuous vigilance and advanced mitigation strategies are essential, particularly in the case of Italy, to safeguard national organizations.

In conclusion, this report aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the ransomware threat landscape in Q2 2023. We trust that this information will bolster your efforts in enhancing cybersecurity and mitigating future ransomware attacks. As Dario Fadda wisely stated, ‘What we safeguard today in cyberspace is what will ensure our digital well-being tomorrow.’

For more in-depth insights and recommendations, please refer to the full report (https://ransomfeed.it/index.php?page=reports).

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