Threat actor leaked data for U.S. gun exchange site on hacking forum

Pierluigi Paganini August 14, 2020

A threat actor has released the databases of Utah-based gun exchange and hunting sites for free on a cybercrime forum.

On August 10th, a hacker has leaked online the databases of Utah-based gun exchange for free on a cybercrime forum.

He claims the databases contain 195,000 user records for the, 45,000 records for their video site, 15,000 records from the hunting site, and 24,000 user records from the Kratom site

gun exchange

According to the experts at cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble, the leaked databases were hosted on the same Amazon AWS server.

The databases were allegedly stolen on July 16th, because this is the latest date on user records in each database.

The leaked data includes login names, hashed passwords, and email addresses.

BleepingComputer, who received the data from Cyble, confirmed that many of the email addresses listed in the databases belong to registered users of the sites.

BleepingComputer also attempted to notify impacted websites, but have not received any response.

It is not confirmed that all of the leaked data is legitimate, anyway, experts suggest users change their password immediately.

Users that share the password at another site should also change the password

Using unique passwords prevents a data breach at one site from affecting you at other websites you use.

To check if your information has been exposed in this and other data leaks, you can search for your email using the Cyble’s “Am I Breached” data breach monitoring service.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – hacking, gun exchange)

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