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Pierluigi Paganini October 23, 2022

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Daixin Team targets health organizations with ransomware, US agencies warn
Threat actors exploit critical flaw in VMware Workspace ONE Access to drop ransomware, miners
EnergyAustralia Electricity company discloses security breach
Experts warn of CVE-2022-42889 Text4Shell exploit attempts
CISA adds Linux kernel flaw CVE-2021-3493 to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
GUAC – A Google Open Source Project to secure software supply chain
News URSNIF variant doesn’t support banking features
Healthcare system Advocate Aurora Health data breach potentially impacted 3M patients
Experts spotted a new undetectable PowerShell Backdoor posing as a Windows update
BlueBleed: Microsoft confirmed data leak exposing customers’ info
Internet disruptions observed as Russia targets critical infrastructure in Ukraine
Brazilian police arrested a man suspected of being a member of LAPSUS$ gang
Experts discovered millions of .git folders exposed to public
Text4Shell, a remote code execution bug in Apache Commons Text library
Researchers share of FabriXss bug impacting Azure Fabric Explorer
The missed link between Ransom Cartel and REvil ransomware gangs
Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) doesn’t ensure confidentiality
Law enforcement arrested 31 suspects for stealing cars by hacking key fobs
China-linked APT41 group targets Hong Kong with Spyder Loader
Critical Remote Code Execution issue impacts popular post-exploitation toolkit Cobalt Strike
Over 17000 Fortinet devices exposed online are very likely vulnerable to CVE-2022-40684
CVE-2022-28762: Zoom for macOS contains a debugging port misconfiguration
Retail giant Woolworths discloses data breach of MyDeal online marketplace
New UEFI rootkit Black Lotus offered for sale at $5,000
Japanese tech firm Oomiya hit by LockBit 3.0. Multiple supply chains potentially impacted
Bulgaria hit by a cyber attack originating from Russia
Interpol arrested 75 members of the cybercrime ring Black Axe
45,654 VMware ESXi servers reached End of Life on Oct. 15
Mysterious Prestige ransomware targets organizations in Ukraine and Poland
Threat actors hacked hundreds of servers by exploiting Zimbra CVE-2022-41352 bug

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Pierluigi Paganini

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