Experts temporarily disrupted the RedLine Stealer operations

Pierluigi Paganini April 18, 2023

Security experts from ESET, have temporarily disrupted the operations of the RedLine Stealer with the help of GitHub.

ESET researchers announced to have temporarily disrupted the operations of the RedLine Stealer with the help of GitHub.

The two companies teamed up with Flare to curb the operations of the malware operators. The experts discovered that the malware control panels use GitHub repositories as dead-drop resolvers.

The RedLine is an info stealing malware written in .NET that is active since at least early 2020. The malware is able to steal sensitive information from the infected systems, including credentials, cookies, browser history, credit card data, and crypto wallets. The info-stealer is considered a commodity malware that is available through malware-as-a-service model.

By analyzing samples of the RedLine Stealer, the ESET researchers identified the following repositories:

  • github[.]com/lermontovainessa/Hub
  • github[.]com/arkadi20233/hub
  • github[.]com/ivan123iii78/hub
  • github[.]com/MTDSup/updateResolver
RedLine stealer

ESET shared its findings with GitHub, which immediately suspended the repositories.

The experts did not observe fallback channels, which means that the removal of these repositories made the control panels unusable. The operators behind the RedLine will be forced to set up new panels to recover their operations.

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