UPDATED – Brussels explosions, dozens dead after blasts at Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro

Pierluigi Paganini March 23, 2016

This morning the Europe has fallen again in terror, just months after the Paris attacks a new wave of attacks hit the West. This morning a sequence of explosions have been detonated at Brussels Airport in an alleged suicide bomber terror attack.

We can confirm that there have been two explosions in the departure hall. We called the emergency services on the ground – they [are] now provid[ing] first aid to the injured.” said Anke Fransen, spokeswoman for the Brussels Airport.

The first two Brussels explosions have hit the departure hall at the international Zaventem airport shortly before 8am, next to the American Airlines check-in desk. Other explosions have been detonated at the Schuman and Malbeek metro station, not far from the EU headquarters. The explosions at a metro station in Maalbeek occurred one hour later.

Brussels explosions maps

Source FT.com

A government source confirmed to VRT broadcaster that it was a terror attack, the number of victims is increasing minute after minute, last news reports at least 34 dead and hundreds people injured.

“A Belgian news agency is reporting that shots were fired and words in Arabic were heard being shouted before the blasts.” reported the British Mirror.

Brussels explosions

Source FT.comr.

Local authorities are inviting people to not come near the area under attack.

Brussels Airport’s Twitter account told followers: “There have been 2 explosions at the airport.

Local media reported that as many as 14 people were killed at the airport, with hundreds injured, and 20 killed at the metro station. These numbers are not official and must be confirmed by the authorities.

The Brussels explosions come only a day after the Belgium’s interior minister, Jan Jambon, warned possible terror attacks after the recent arrest Salah Abdeslam, one of the participants of the Paris terror attacks.

My thoughts are with the people of Brussels following these ignoble attacks.

From a cyber security perspective, I invite all to remain vigilant, crooks will try to exploit the media attention on the Brussels explosions sharing bogus videos and malicious link. It is likely we will detect a phishing campaign trying to exploit the event.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Brussels explosions, terror attack)

Update 2016-03- 22, 14:00 GMT

The blood feud is lengthy, o dogs of Europe… Did you think for a day that we would forget to avenge your occupation of the Muslims’ lands?”

1/2 One top distribution account celebrated : “”The blood feud is lengthy, o dogs of Europe…


Update 2016-03- 23, 11:30 GMT

According to La Derniere Heure press, the man arrested isn’t Najim Laachraoui.

Update 2016-03- 23, 10:00 GMT

Attack in Brussels, authorities arrested the third man, the alleged the artificer.

Update 2016-03- 23, 9:00 GMT

The authorities have identified two suicide bombers, the brothers Khaled and Ibrahim El Bakraoui. The third man that wears a hat on the right would be the artificer of the group and according to the intelligence, he is the same artificer of the Paris attacks.

Brussels explosions terrorits

Source La Repubblica

Update 2016-03- 23, 21:30 GMT (Source BBC)

Identified the attackers and their links with previous Paris attacks

Brussels explosions attackers 2

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