First-ever South Korean national detained for espionage in Russia

Pierluigi Paganini March 12, 2024

Russian authorities have detained a South Korean national on cyber espionage charges, it is the first time for a Korean citizen.

Russian authorities have arrested a South Korean citizen on charges of cyber espionage, marking the first instance involving a Korean national.

“During the investigation of an espionage case, a South Korean citizen Baek Won-soon was identified and detained in Vladivostok, and put into custody under a court order. He was transferred from Vladivostok to Moscow for further investigation,” a source told news agency TASS..

Russian intelligence believes Baek Won-soon was handing over classified information to foreign intelligence agencies.

The man was detained in Vladivostok earlier this year and transferred to Moscow in late February. The South Korean citizen is currently detained in the Lefortovo detention facility. Yesterday, the Lefortovsky Court prolonged his detention until June 15.

The Russian government has classified the case as ‘top secret,’ and no additional details have been disclosed to the public.

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry announced that it has been offering necessary consular support for the South Korean national. However, the ministry declined to provide additional details, citing the ongoing investigation into the case.”

In the last year, Russia has apprehended several foreign nationals, accusing them of various offenses.

The situation has escalated following the occupation of Ukraine, and it is reasonable to expect that these arrests may also have political and negotiating implications in the future.

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