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Pierluigi Paganini November 12, 2023

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Police seized BulletProftLink phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) platform
Serbian pleads guilty to running ‘Monopoly’ dark web drug market
McLaren Health Care revealed that a data breach impacted 2.2 million people
After ChatGPT, Anonymous Sudan took down the Cloudflare website
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) suffered a ransomware attack
SysAid zero-day exploited by Clop ransomware group pays ransom, attackers release data anyway
DDoS attack leads to significant disruption in ChatGPT services
Russian Sandworm disrupts power in Ukraine with a new OT attack
CISA adds SLP flaw to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog
The largest Russian bank Sberbank hit by a massive DDoS attack
Sumo Logic discloses security breach and recommends customers rotate credentials
FBI: Ransomware actors abuse third parties and legitimate system tools for initial access
Five Canadian Hospitals impacted by a ransomware attack on TransForm provider
Royal Mail jeopardizes users with open redirect flaw
North Korea-linked APT BlueNoroff used new macOS malware ObjCShellz
Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel in Singapore Suffers a Data Breach
Veeam fixed multiple flaws in Veeam ONE, including critical issues
Pro-Palestinian hackers group ‘Soldiers of Solomon’ disrupted the production cycle of the biggest flour production plant in Israel
Iranian Agonizing Serpens APT is targeting Israeli entities with destructive cyber attacks
Critical Confluence flaw exploited in ransomware attacks
QNAP fixed two critical vulnerabilities in QTS OS and apps
Attackers use Google Calendar RAT to abuse Calendar service as C2 infrastructure
Socks5Systemz proxy service delivered via PrivateLoader and Amadey
US govt sanctioned a Russian woman for laundering virtual currency on behalf of threat actors
Lazarus targets blockchain engineers with new KandyKorn macOS Malware


Treasury Designates Virtual Currency Money Launderer for Russian Elites and Cybercriminals  

Who’s Behind the SWAT USA Reshipping Service?   

Virtual Kidnapping: AI Tools Are Enabling IRL Extortion Scams 

How a ‘Refund Fraud’ Gang Stole $700,000 From Amazon

Info from 5.6 million patient visits among data stolen in ransomware attack on Ontario hospitals

Cyber-attacks: the apex of crime-as-a-service

Ransomware Actors Continue to Gain Access through Third Parties and Legitimate System Tools    

Behind ICBC Hack Is a Gang for Hire That Holds Systems Hostage  

Ransomware attack on ICBC disrupts trades in US Treasury market  

Serbian Citizen Pleads Guilty to Running Monopoly Drug Market on the Darknet  

IGP: Police arrest eight people in international syndicate which developed phishing templates to dupe victims [UPDATED]   


Unveiling Socks5Systemz: The Rise of a New Proxy Service via PrivateLoader and Amadey   

GCR – Google Calendar RAT   

BlueNoroff strikes again with new macOS malware    

France, UK Seek Greater Regulation of Commercial Spyware  

Hive Ransomware’s Offspring: Hunters International Takes the Stage  


WormGPT: An AI Tool for Hackers  

Rapid7-Observed Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence CVE-2023-22518  

OST2, Zephyr RTOS, and a bunch of CVEs 

Sberbank faced the most powerful DDoS attack about two weeks ago  

SysAid On-Prem Software CVE-2023-47246 Vulnerability

Intelligence and Information Warfare

Agonizing Serpens (Aka Agrius) Targeting the Israeli Higher Education and Tech Sectors  

Sandworm Disrupts Power in Ukraine Using a Novel Attack Against Operational Technology

Modern Asian APT groups’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)        


State of AI Safety in China

Google eighth Threat Horizons report is released


AI Cameras Took Over One Small American Town. Now They’re Everywhere

Google Cloud Cybersecurity Forecast 2024: A look at the cyber landscape in the year ahead    

Scarlett Johansson is going after an AI app that used her likeness without permission  

Court rules automakers can record and intercept owner text messages  

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