Kapustkiy hacked the National Assembly of Ecuador website

Pierluigi Paganini December 05, 2016

Kapustkiy has breached the National Assembly of Ecuador and leaked the data via PasteBin. Once again he exploited a SQL injection.

Here we go again with a Kapustkiy’s hack, this time the young hacker has breached the National Assembly of Ecuador and leaked the data via PasteBin.

 The hacker broke into the backend of the www.asambleanacional.gob.ec website accessing a total of 930 records. As proof of concept of the hack the hacker leaked roughly 550-600 records.

According to Wikipedia the National Assembly (Spanish: Asamblea Nacional) is the legislative branch of the government of Ecuador that replaced the National Congress in 2009, under the 2008 Constitution.

National Assembly of Ecuador

I reached Kapustkiy to receive more info about the data breach and he confirmed me that once again he exploited an SQLinjection flaw.

“I used an simple SQLi to gain acces and I have reported it. I did not leak real names etc..” Kapustkiy told me.

A few days ago the hacker announced to have hacked the Venezuela Army.

He also hacked the website at the High Commission of Ghana & Fiji in India and the India Regional Council as well as organizations and embassies across the world.

Recently he hacked the ‘Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica’ Office of the Italian Government, the Paraguay Embassy of Taiwan (www.embapartwroc.com.tw), and the Indian Embassies in Switzerland, Mali, Romania, Italy, Malawi, and LibyaKapustkiy.

What’s the next?


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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Kapustkiy, Venezuela Army)

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