US and UK Will Simulate a Cyber Attacks on nuclear plants in 2016

Pierluigi Paganini April 04, 2016

US and UK are planning to simulate a cyber attacks on nuclear plants, to test their resilience in the light of the nuclear security summit.

In the light of the recent events with the terrorist attacks in Europe, the fear of other similar threats becomes greater by the minute. Coordinates cyber attacks on nuclear plants would have dramatic repercussion on the Homeland security of any government that needs to address this risk in the national cyber stratgy.

This has led the governments of the US and the UK to take measures, as well as try to prepare as best as they can. As part of this preparation, the two countries have decided to simulate cyber attacks on nuclear plants to test how safe this environment is proven to be.

The nuclear security summit was hosted in Washington, governments need to enhance the security measures and address the fears regarding the protection of critical infrastructure in Europe.

Cyber Attacks on nuclear plants

A similar simulation was held last year, with the countries testing out how banks would react against a cyber-attack.

However, alongside the simulation, there are many other details to take care of. Among them, the exchange of nuclear waste between the UK and the US is something that needs to discuss. According to this deal, Euratom is going to be turned into a place where cancer is diagnosed and treated. So, this is a deal that will improve the life in Europe and will offer a way towards progressing in Medicine.

The White House has issued an announcement, related to the upcoming nuclear security summit. In this announcement, they refer to the importance of boosting security:

“We all need to do more together to enhance nuclear security performance, to dissuade and apprehend nuclear traffickers, to eliminate excess nuclear weapons and material, to avoid production of materials we cannot use, to make sure our facilities can repel the full range of threats we have already seen in our neighbourhoods, to share experiences and best practices, and to do so in ways that are visible to friends, neighbours, and rivals – and thereby provide assurance that we are effectively executing our sovereign responsibility,”

Cooperation between nations seems like the best way to handle a threat as substantial as nuclear terrorism.

So, the UK is going to commit towards cooperating with other countries and sharing the knowledge acquired with them. This is definitely a great step ahead!

Written by: Ali Qamar, Founder/Chief Editor at

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Pierluigi Paganini

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