Mark Zuckerberg hacked by the hacking crew OurMine Team

Pierluigi Paganini June 06, 2016

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hacked, a group of young hackers known as OurMine Team took over its Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.

No one is secure when dealing with cyber security, event the popular Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. His social media accounts Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn were hacked.

On Sunday, A group of hackers using the moniker ‘OurMine Team has claimed responsibility for the hack of the Twitter accounts of Mark Zuckerberg account on Sunday. OurMine is reportedly a group of young hacker from Saudi Arabia.

The group invited Mark Zuckerberg to contact them, their Twitter account was already suspended.

Mark Zuckerberg hacked

The news website reported that Facebook confirmed that Zuckerberg’s Instagram account was not accessed despite the OurMine Team crew claimed it.

“No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat in a statement. “The affected accounts have been re-secured.” reported

The OurMine Team hackers explained that the hack was possible thanks to the LinkedIn password dump recently occurred. If confirmed this means that also the King of Social Networks might have used the same credentials among different social media.

At the time I was writing, the Mark Zuckerberg hacked account is up after a temporary suspension to delete OurMine Team’s Tweets. This account was no more used by Zuckerberg since 2012.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Mark Zuckerberg hacked, OurMine Team)

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