DNC staffers are invited to use ‘Snowden-Approved’ App Signal in response to the hack

Pierluigi Paganini August 29, 2016

In the aftermath of the DNC hack the staffers were instructed in the use of the popular instant messaging Signal app, also called the “Snowden-approved” app.

The need of privacy is pushing the IT industry in developing secure messaging systems that implement end-to-end encrypted to protect users from prying eyes. Signal is probably the most popular app in this moment.

Signal app comes from Open Whisper Systems and is available for both Androids and iOS devices. If you are looking for the most secure messaging app, you can use Signal and strengthen security in your texts and phone calls. It is free of charge and it encrypts your data.

The app is automatically in sync with your address book and this makes it really easy to encrypt your communication with all your contacts. In this way, you do not need special login credentials for accessing the app and initializing its effectiveness.

If you search for Signal on the Internet you will discover that Edward Snowden is probably his most illustrious users and testimonial.

“Use anything by Open Whisper Systems” Snowden says.

signal app

The Cryptographer and Professor at Johns Hopkins University Matt Green and the popular security expert Bruce Schneier are other two admirers of the Signal app, recently we have seen the application also in the popular TV series Mr. Robot.

There is no doubt, Signal is the first choice for hackers and security experts … and not only them.

In the aftermath of the Democratic National Committee hack the staffers were instructed in the use of the popular instant messaging app, also called the “Snowden-approved” app.

“Signal, staffers in the meeting were told, was “Snowden-approved.” A week after the meeting at the campaign headquarters, according to two people who have worked with the D.N.C. and the Clinton campaign, an e-mail was sent out instructing staffers where to download the app and how to use it.” reported Vanity Fair.

“Edward Snowden, who famously requires that people place their cell phones in a freezer before he agrees to meet with them in person (the freezer, or fridge, acts as a faraday cage and blocks any N.S.A.-like snooping of people’s whereabouts), has touted the security of Signal numerous times, saying on Twitter, “I use Signal every day.””

A few days after the DNC security breach was publicly disclosed, the DNC staffers received a memo containing detailed instructions on how to download and use the Signal app.

The use of the popular messaging app among DNC staffer is a clear sign of the need of a proper security posture among top political officials and staffer managing sensitive information.

If you want to give a look to the other Secure Messaging Apps on the market, you can read the post I published here.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Signal app, DNC)

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